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The country needs harmony not war: President Kovind

Sunday - April 15, 2018 3:01 am , Category : MADHYA PRADESH

Dr. Ambedkar was the architect of modern India: Governor Smt. Patel 
Five sites related to Baba Saheb's memories to be included in Teerthdarshan Yojana: CM Chouhan 
Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s 127th birth celebration concludes 

Bhopal: President Ramnath Kovind has said that today the country needs harmony not war. Kovind said that Baba Saheb always chose the path of peace, compassion and non-violence. In context of the country’s integrity, Baba Saheb said that he was an Indian first, an Indian later and will be an Indian till the end. He called upon the people to contribute towards building an India of Baba Saheb’s dreams. The President told the people to live a fruitful life they must resolve to follow the message of harmony.

President Kovind was addressing the 127th birth celebration organized at Dr. Ambedkar’s birthplace Mhow near Indore today. He went to Bhim Janmabhoomi Smarak and offered floral tributes at the statue of Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar and sat with Baba Saheb’s followers to have lunch.

President Kovind lauded Madhya Pradesh government for organizing the Ambedkar Mahakumbh every year at Mhow. He said that Dr. Ambedkar's birth place is a source of inspiration for the citizens of Mhow. The new generation must understand that the foundation of the creation of modern India was laid by Baba Saheb. Works like Damodar Valley, Hirakund dam and implementation of large power projects were an outcome of Baba Saheb's progressive thinking. Dr. Ambedkar gave women the right to vote. He got the working hours of the workers reduced from 12 to 8. Women got equal rights in property. He also made significant contribution in setting up the Reserve Bank of India.

Kovind said that Baba Saheb always adopted Lord Buddha's path of peace and non-violence. He would say when constitutional equipments of revolt are available; there is no need for violent methods. He was a great legal expert, scholar and social reformer. Democracy came alive with the power of the Constitution created by him. Weak, deprived and backward people got an opportunity to move forward, due to which they were able to contribute to the progress of the country. Kovind said that this is his first visit to Mhow in Ambedkar's birth place as President. It is noteworthy that he was the first President to visit the birthplace of Baba Saheb at Mhow on Ambedkar Jayanti.

The President said that the Constitution given by Baba Saheb gives the fundamental right of equality. After this the biggest right is the right of franchise which is the basis of democracy. He would say be educated, be organized and continue your struggle. Baba Saheb was an extraordinary student. He said that Babasaheb had himself written an article titled 'Small Holding in India and Remedies' at the age of 27 and proved himself as a high-ranking economist. He always adopted the path of non-violence and compassion. The President said that to say Jai Bhima means to respect the Constitution made by Baba Saheb and to honour his ideological heritage.

Governor Smt. Anandiben Patel said that Dr. Ambedkar was not only the maker of the Constitution of India, but played a significant role in the building of modern India, progress of weaker sections and women and in promoting social harmony. He said that Madhya Pradesh government is constantly working for the upliftment of weaker sections and women. Centre has also taken solid steps for social justice and skill development by following the path of “Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas”.

Smt. Patel said that in order to fulfill the dreams of Baba Saheb, the government is providing facilities to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the welfare, education and employment sectors of the society. She appealed to all to maintain unity, harmony in the society and become part of building a new India.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that five places connected to the life and memories of Dr. Ambedkar will be included in Mukhya Mantri Teerthdarshan Yojana.

These sites are Baba Saheb’s birthplace Mhow, his London-based house where he acquired education, Diksha Bhumi Nagpur, Parinirvana Sthal Alipur Road Bungalow, New Delhi and Chaitya Bhumi, Mumbai where his last rites were performed. The Chief Minister said that state government is following Dr. Ambedkar’s ideals. He said that there is no danger to Baba Saheb’s Constitution.

Chouhan said that Baba Saheb was a high ranking social reformer. He was an ideal for the entire society who continued to struggle for the deprived, exploited and victims all his life. He said that following his ideals several significant decisions have been taken for labourers of the unorganized sector. Now no poor person will remain without a house and land. Children will be given free education from Class I to PhD besides they will be treated free-of-cost. They will be provided electricity at flat rate.

Women labourers will be given Rs 4 thousand during pregnancy and Rs 12 thousand post delivery for their health care and for the newborn. The Chief Minister said the state government is committed for social, economic, educational and political upliftment of the weaker sections.

Union Minister for Social Justice Thavarchand Gehlot said that several important works were accomplished to keep Dr. Ambedkar's memory alive under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He said that works including purchase of London house where Baba Saheb acquired his education to declaring Pari-nirvana site Alipur Road as a national monument and developing Mhow as a grand monument. He said that in keeping with Baba Saheb’s ideals, the Centre has created several schemes and projects which is of great help to the weak and deprived sections to move forward.

Comparing Dr. Ambedkar to Lord Shiva in his welcome address MLA Mhow Kailash Vijayvargiya said that just as Lord Shiva consumed poison and gave amrit, Baba Saheb also gave amrit in the form of Constitution to the society.

The Governor presented a replica of Indore’s famous Rajwada to the President while Chief Minister Chouhan presented him with a replica of Shaurya Smarak and Bhante Sanghsheel presented him with a statue of Lord Buddha.

Among those who were present on the occasion included Forest Minister Dr. Gaurishankar Shejwar, Scheduled Caste and Tribal Welfare Minister Lal Singh Arya, Jail and Animal Husbandry Minister Antar Singh Arya, Chairman of Ambedkar Smarak Samiti Bhante Sadanand and Bhante Sanghsheel and a large number of followers from all over the world.-Window To News
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