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Know the complete 'game' of the political turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir

Thursday - November 22, 2018 12:38 pm , Category : WTN SPECIAL
 Governor Satyapal Malik gives 'mega shock' to ‘mega alliance’ in Jammu and Kashmir
Governor Satyapal Malik gives 'mega shock' to ‘mega alliance’ in Jammu and Kashmir

Governor Satyapal Malik dissolves the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly accounting four major reasons

NOV 22 (WTN) – Anything can be happened in the politics, nobody knows. Something similar happened in J&K after which the eyes of all are looked upon on the state's politics. After all, we describe you the whole thing in detail. Actually after the verdict of Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik, it has become clear that the next Chief Minister of the state will be decided after the Assembly elections to be held in the state.

For your information, let you know that at one time the political situation in Jammu and Kashmir was changing rapidly when the PDP-NCP and the Congress were looking at forming government through a grand alliance. Even so, all was well, but when a faction of PDP, led by Imran Ansari, said that they had support of 18 MLAs; then the dice of the valley politics was overturned.

For your information, let you know that PDP President Mehbooba Mufti claims that he had sent the list of support for 55 MLAs by fax to Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik. But it is being said that the fax machine has ‘cheated’. The betrayal of a fax machine means that the Raj Bhavan says that they didn’t get the list of the support of the legislators from the fax machine, after which the Governor Satyapal Malik declared that in view of the political upheaval in the state,There is no other way besides to dissolve the Assembly.

In this era of technology, it is a big surprise if a fax machine doesn’t receive any message in the Raj Bhawan of the state like Jammu and Kashmir. Well, it is not right to comment on this, if the Raj Bhavan claims. Between all this, Governor Satyapal Malik says that during the last five months of political turmoil, he believed that the Assembly must be dissolved. By doing this, the fear of purchase could have been stopped.

Here, the marginalized PDP and the National Conference, with the Congress, shocked on the exercise of formatting the government. The appeal of the three parties to form a government in the state can be said that was ignored. But no one would have thought that the mega alliance aim to form government would be backed away.

For your information, let you know that since the breakdown of the PDP-BJP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir, the governor rule has been in force for the last five months. But PDP president Mehbooba Mufti claimed to form the government before the governor and for this she claimed to have supported the National Conference and the Congress legislators. Mufti told the governor Malik that in the 87-members assembly, she had the support of 28 PDP legislators, 15 of the National Conference and 12 MLAs of Congress. She also claimed the support of another legislator as well as the support of total 56 MLAs, whereas in order to form government in Jammu and Kashmir, there is need of 44 MLAs.

In the meantime, Sajjad Lone, leader of Jammu and Kashmir People Conference, also claimed to have formed a government in the state with the support of 25 MLAs of BJP and 18 other. Though Lone's party got only 2 seats in the 2014 Assembly elections, but he sent message to the governor via Whatsapp, he said, “He has more support from the legislators than the necessary data to form a government.”

But among all these, the governor announced the dissolution of the assembly. He cited 4 major reasons for this.

1. For the formation of government, such parties have claimed the coalition, whose political views don’t match with each other. In such a situation, there is no possibility that the government formed under this coalition to remain stable.

2. Claiming to form government in collaboration with differently-minded parties has increased the fears of procurement of MLAs which is not right in the democracy and it contaminates the entire political process.

3. In such a situation, many claims are being made regarding the formation of government and majority of the government, but there is a doubt about the stability.

4. In view of the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir, there is a need for a stable government. Security forces are risking their lives and are engaged in the campaign against the terrorists here. In such a situation, it is necessary that there should be supportive government be formed.

After the verdict of Governor Satyapal Malik, some people have advised Mehbooba Mufti to go to court, so someone says that all the parties in the state should get a new mandate. Well, it can be said that the manner in which the decision has been taken by Governor Malik is very good decision considering the sensitive situation of Jammu and Kashmir, because security forces are facing terrorists in the state, in such a critical situation of the state, there is a need of such a government which supports and cooperates with the security forces.