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Modi emerged as the 'Biggest Winner’

Friday - May 24, 2019 4:20 pm , Category : INDIA
The victory of Brand Modi!
The victory of Brand Modi!

Two big pillars of brand Modi; Hindutva and Nationalism

MAY 24 (WTN) - If it is said to be the brand Modi's victory, it would be more right. This is the first time in India when the other party has achieved the full majority in the Lok Sabha Elections other than the Congress. In the last Lok Sabha elections when BJP had made Narendra Modi the face of the Prime Minister's post, everyone had doubts whether the BJP would be able to win by the face of Modi.The questions were quite hard, but BJP could win on its own in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, because Modi took the plunge of the public anger against the ten years of Congress rule.

Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the country in 2014, and there were many challenges before him. Modi faced these challenges toughly and kept the BJP strong inside. In the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019, there was a five year anti-incumbency wave against the Modi Government, but Modi knew how the election won. Modi worked on his own strategy and gave BJP victory. Indeed, the victory of the BJP and the NDA in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections is not a victory of BJP or NDA, but this victory is the victory of the brand Modi.

The politics of Narendra Modi is the most different in itself. The two pillars of brand Modi were the Hindutva and the nationalism, and Modi defeated the opponents badly by using Hindutva and nationalism. Narendra Modi never hid his Hindutva image before anyone. At the same time, nationalism is also one of the strongest pillars of the brand Modi, on which, Modi won the victory by uniting the people of the country.

One of Narendra Modi's most recognizable identities is the Hindutva. Not only he prides on his Hindutva, but he also holds the ideology of Hindutva before the entire world. Modi continued to accuse the Opposition that the opposition has tried to defame Hindutva in the name of saffron terrorism, and in response to this, Modi himself described him as more Hindutva. To answer Congress' saffron terrorism theory, Narendra Modi has fielded Sadhvi Pragya Thakur against Congress veteran Digvijay Singh in Bhopal seat.

That is, obviously, the Hindutva face of Brand Modi has brought the BJP to its advantage in a big way. Because of his Hindutva image, Modi contested from a religious city like Varanasi, and from time to time, through the philosophy of the temples he sent a message to the majority of the people of the country that he is their hero.

Now talk Brand Modi's second biggest pillar the nationalism, the way in which Prime Minister Modi has adopted rigid policies against terrorism and Pakistan, this message has spread to the whole country that only Modi can treat to terrorism and Pakistan. The Modi Government can be given credit that no common man has been killed in any terrorist incident during his tenure. Prime Minister Modi himself used to say this very often in the election campaign that under his rule, the terrorists did not dare to bomb blast.

Talk to Pakistan at the same time, during the term of Modi government, Pakistan had been taught a good lesson. Surgical strike and air strikes were two major decisions of the Modi Government's against the terrorists, after which the people of the country have come to believe that the Narendra Modi Government can take action against the terrorists in Pakistan. The Modi Government launched operation all out against the terrorists in Kashmir, and wiped out the terrorists through this operation, and this will power of the Modi Government against the terrorists became a vote bank.

The way Modi Government took diplomatic action against Pakistan after the Pulwama attack, the result of that is that the people of the country have once again expressed faith in the Modi government. After the immediate actions of the Modi Government against Pakistan, a positive message spread in the people of the country. Even today, the people of India praise for the diplomacy of the Modi government for the ruined economy condition of Pakistan.

At the same time, Prime Minister Modi always kept a sense of respect for the soldiers of the country, which had huge impact on the people of the country. During his first five-year tenure, Prime Minister Modi celebrated every Diwali nation with the soldiers, which sent a very big message in the public that the soldiers of the country were his family for Modi.

Hindutva and nationalism are two big Modi brands, and with the help of these the BJP has got a majority. Modi candidly followed the ideology of Hinduism and nationalism in front of everyone and gave a clear message to the people of the country that they will rule over the two ideologies.

Now that the NDA is going to form the government under the leadership of the BJP, then it is clear that if the BJP won against the allegation of opposition and in the anti-incumbency wave of five years, then this victory is the brand Modi's victory, this is the Modi's ideology's victory, this is Modi's vision victory and this is Modi's Hindutva and nationalist ideology's victory.