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Once again Pakistan faces a 'big shock'!

Tuesday - September 10, 2019 10:21 am , Category : WTN SPECIAL
India relaxes as the cancellation of the US-Taliban talks
India relaxes as the cancellation of the US-Taliban talks

Pakistan's 'dream' of re-establishing supremacy in Afghanistan put out

SEP 10 (WTN) - In a significant development, the US has canceled talks with Afghanistan and the Taliban. It has been announced by the US President Donald Trump himself. For your information, let you know that this conversation was going to be held in Camp David, USA after several rounds of secret discussions, where the US President Donald Trump discusses such kind of discussions. Trump has canceled the conversation after the bomb blast in Afghanistan's capital Kabul, where an American soldier has killed.

It can be said that India has benefited greatly due to the cancellation of the proposed talks amid the US, Afghanistan and the Taliban. India was not comfortable diplomatically in advance of this dialogue because of protecting its interests. With the success of this negotiation and the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan, India could face problems from Pakistan on Kashmir issue. One the side where India has breathed a sigh of relief from the cancellation of this conversation, another side here Pakistan is now troubled by the cancellation of this conversation.

For your information, let you know that after years of the US military presence in Afghanistan, the US President Trump wanted that after the peace agreement with Taliban in Afghanistan; American should withdraw troops from Afghanistan, but now America itself has negotiated the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has been postponed.

From the Indian point of view, the cancellation of this conversation has brought good news for India. India does not want American troops to withdraw from Afghanistan at any cost. Now India feels that after the cancellation of this conversation, the expectation of peace and stability in the region will increase.

India would never want to have any kind of dialogue with the Taliban during discussions in Afghanistan. This is why, because if it is agreed in the negotiations that the deployment of the US troops will no longer be in Afghanistan, then it would have once again strengthened the Taliban in Afghanistan. For your information, let you know that after 9/11 terror attacks, India has invested a lot in Afghanistan. If the US retreats from Afghanistan, then India will also have to pull back its footsteps from Afghanistan.

At the same time, if there is the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, then it is natural that the Taliban will be strong in Afghanistan. If the Taliban becomes strong, it will also strengthen the terrorist organizations of Pakistan and due to the strengthening of the terrorist organizations; there is a possibility of spreading of hope in Jammu and Kashmir.

It is not that India is only against talks between the US and the Taliban. Afghanistan also does not want the US to have any kind of dialogue with the Taliban. However, it can be said that Afghanistan was still involved in the negotiations due to the US pressure so far.

After the announcement of the canceling the talks by the US President Donald Trump, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said, "The region will come to peace in the true sense only when the Taliban cease to carry out attacks like this and Afghanistan will not talk directly to the government.” For your information, let you know that the Taliban themselves do not give recognition to the government of their own country. According to the Taliban, the Government of Afghanistan is the puppet government of America.

During the campaign of the US Presidential election, Donald Trump insisted on ending the American campaign in Afghanistan. Several times before and after becoming the President, Trump said that gradually the number of American troops from Afghanistan would be reduced, and that a full withdrawal of American troops would take place from Afghanistan after a time. But aside from the political point of view, according to the US military experts and Afghanistan affairs experts, if the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan, let you know that Afghanistan will be in a deep crisis, because the Taliban currently occupy many parts of Afghanistan.

As far as India's interests are concerned, India's policy regarding the Taliban has always been clear. Since 2001, no Indian government has taken any initiative of any kind to negotiate with the Taliban. India has always believed that a Taliban-like side poses a major threat to the peace of the South Asian region.

However, Pakistan's decision to cancel the talks has dealt a major blow to Pakistan. This is why, because Pakistan was the happiest of America's interaction with the Taliban. After this negotiation, the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan would have strengthened the Taliban sponsored by Pakistan and the terrorist network there. For your information, let you know that Pakistan has always been telling the US that the Taliban is necessary in Kabul's politics.

However, Pakistan's participation in Afghanistan peace process was considered as a part of its strategy of pressure on Kashmir. In recent weeks, Pakistan threatened the US by a nuclear war against India that it could disrupt the peace process in Afghanistan, but now after Trump's announcement, Pakistan has been exposed that the US does not afraid of Pakistan's threats.

Pakistan has defeated many fronts following the announcement of cancellation of talks by the US President Donald Trump. On the one hand, Pakistan's dream of dominating the Taliban in Afghanistan has been broken, but after the cancellation of talks by the American, it has become clear that the preference given to Pakistan by America is gradually decreasing.