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Kalashantijyotish weekly horoscope 11th -17th November 2019

Monday - November 11, 2019 10:50 am , Category : Astrology

Kalashantijyotish weekly horoscope 11th -17th November 2019


Aries sign people will find this to be an excellent week when it comes to the matters earning more money and augmenting your savings. Your efforts to earn a substantial amount may get actualised. You will feel drawn towards your life partner or lover. Things will remain favourable for you in the workplace. You may have to travel. You will participate in religious activities even more. There will be chances of encountering a few obstacles in the way of the government-related task but the work will certainly get over. Your health will remain good. Few problems may emerge as a result of your lethargy towards the end of the week. Keep yourself away from unnecessary conversations.


Taurus sign people will have to take the responsibility of extra tasks. Traders will finalize the details and format of a new assignment. Your marital discord will end. There will be chances of monetary gains. You will get relief in loan-related matters. You may face governmental obstacles in property or house-related matters. Take care of your health towards the end of the week and keep a check on your speech. Do not take any risk.


Gemini sign people may make financial gains from unusual sources. On the health front, an old ailment will get cured. The salaried people may get pending arrears or a hike. New job offers will appear from somewhere which may seem lucrative and promising. This will be a good week for students enrolled in higher education institutions. You may feel very lazy so there is a need to remain vigilant and complete all your work on time. Traders may have to deal with problems towards the end of the week. You must honour the feelings of your life partner.


Cancer sign people will be blessed with a positive stroke of luck throughout the week as a result of which overall success is indicated on all the fronts. You may make financial gains on account of your brothers and sisters. You may access new means to earn money. This will be a good wee for students. Your adjustment with your life partner will be excellent. You may spend money on buying clothes and gold jewellery. You may make gains in property deals. There are high chances that you may have to set out on a useless trip and bear with excessive expenses.


Leo sign people will get the support of their parents in abundance. There will be possibilities of sudden monetary gains. Those who are looking for a new job or trying to start a new business will get good opportunities. There are chances of short-distance trips. A positive stroke of luck will enable you to take the pending tasks forward. You will get relief in health-related issues. Students may have to put in the extra effort. You might make gains very suddenly this week which shall cheer you up beyond any limits.


Virgo sign people will achieve greater heights purely on the basis of their valour in their job or business. There will be some tensions in the workplace because of excessive burden. Do not indulge in any conflict or debate in your workplace. You will get happiness from your child. You will remain in favourable situations for monetary gains throughout the week. You will feel a new level of energy in yourself. All your tasks will get through as per your wishes. Your financial condition will strengthen even more. There will be an improvement in your health.


Libra sign people will have to deal with a sudden change in their daily activities. You may feel a surge of energy and vigour in yourself. Things and situations will be favourable for you in the workplace. Traders may start a new business. There will be harmony in your marital life. A dialogue about an ancestral property may turn into your favour along with a rise in your financial status. There are strong chances of a big gain coming your way that too suddenly. A network with foreigners may fetch gains.  


Scorpio sign people will find the possibilities of monetary gains getting stronger. The salaried people may have to face certain problems. Business people shall make a solid profit. Your marital discord or love affair related problems may end now. You may have to cope with obstacles in governmental tasks. You might pick up a conflict with your father but your mother shall bless you. Your expenditure will be on the higher side. You need to be careful about your health as an ailment may bother you towards the end of the week. Keep yourself away from unnecessary stress.


Sagittarius sign people will find it difficult to complete their work on time as a result of overarching lethargy and loss of energy. Students will get success in matters related to their studies. The salaried, as well as business people, shall get success in proportion to the effort put in by them. There will be too much running around for work. Your health will be good but fatigue may bother you. There may be chances of earning some extra money. You may receive an honour or gift.


Capricorn sign people may have to cope with work-related obstacles. There are strong chances that either you will pick up a conflict with your father or he may land up in a problem. Things will be normal when it comes to health. Be careful about the actions of your enemies as they may try to harm you. Business people may make solid gains. Do not trust anybody blindly. Do not lend money to anybody neither should you take a loan. Things may turn into your favour when it comes to overdue payment. You must maintain distance from addictive substances.


Aquarius sign people will start the week with monetary gains. Your brother’s support in daily activities will prove immensely helpful. The week shall pass on a positive note for salaried people and they may make new achievements. A piece of good news related to your child is very much possible. Your financial status will continually improve. Students will get mixed results during the week. You need to remain focused on your studies. Your arrogance and anger may rise this week which can tarnish your image.


Pisces sign people will spend a harmonious and pleasant time with their family members. You will be pleased to get desired results in your work. You may get honoured for your contribution. Your financial condition will improve even more. Your health will be excellent. This may prove to be an excellent week for salaried and business people. The end of the week may give work-related problems and unnecessary stress. You may remain edgy and distraught about something.

Kalashantijyotish prays to Lord Rama to bless you with fortune.

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