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Modi government teaches a hard lesson to the Malaysian Prime Minister!

Tuesday - January 21, 2020 4:05 pm , Category : WTN SPECIAL
Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammed trapped badly by making anti-India statements
Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammed trapped badly by making anti-India statements

The Modi government's tough decision on palm oil imports from Malaysia shocked Malaysia's economy

JAN 21 (WTN) - In view of international relations, the President or Prime Minister of any country should give a very thoughtful statement, because a wrong statement can cause trouble for any country. If we look at history, sometimes the heads of some countries have given statements that have become a cause of trouble for their country. But the kind of mistake made by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad by making a statement against India, the same should not be done to the head of a small country like Malaysia. Actually, Malaysia has to bear the brunt of Mahathir Mohammed's anti-India rhetoric.
In fact, Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, who aspires to dream of becoming a leader among Muslim countries, is finding it costly to make rhetoric on the historical decisions taken by the Modi government of India. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir had openly spoken against the Indian government on the abrogation of Article 370 from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and the citizenship amendment law. In enthusiasm, Mahathir Mohammad made rhetoric, but his rhetoric was taken seriously by the Modi government.

The Modi government had already made it clear to the whole world that the abrogation of Article 370 from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and citizenship law are internal matters of India and any country should not intervene or make a statement against it. But the Prime Minister of Malaysia made a statement against Kashmir and citizenship law in his desire to become the leader of the Muslims of the whole world, after which the Modi government decided to teach Malaysia a lesson.
In order to teach Malaysia the lesson of its Prime Minister's false rhetoric, the Modi government imposed control on the import of palm oil from Malaysia. This diplomatic decision of the Modi government created a stir in Malaysia. According to the international news agency Reuters, thousands of tonnes of palm oil from Malaysia have stuck at Indian ports after the import controls. For your information, let us know that on 8 January, the Government of India had announced to control the import of refined oil from Malaysia to help domestic refineries.
Let us know that palm oil is used for some other works including soap making and India is completely dependent on palm oil imports. Although India has been the largest market for palm oil for Malaysia in the last five years, Malaysia has suffered losses in trade relations with India due to the Malaysian Prime Minister's anti-India rhetoric.
The Modi government has controlled the import of palm oil from Malaysia and has now started importing palm oil from Indonesia. After this step of the Government of India, the prices of Malaysian Palm Future have recorded the biggest decline in the last 11 years. Now that the Indian government has controlled the import of palm oil from Malaysia, more than 30,000 tonnes of palm oil-filled containers are stuck at Indian ports. In fact, all these ships had left before imports were controlled.
By the way, according to the information, the customs authorities usually allow the evacuation of the ships before the change in the rules, but there is some doubt in the case of palm oil and this is why palm oil containers are stuck in large numbers at Indian ports. For your information, let us know that the government's control on palm oil imports means that importers will now have to buy a new license and this new license can be used to refuse or delay the taking of goods from ships coming from Malaysia.
Malaysia has suffered a major setback with the Modi government's diplomatic steps. The Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammad has realized that he has made a mistake by making statements in India's internal affairs. After the diplomatic decision taken on the palm oil of the Modi government, Mahathir Mohammed says, "Malaysia will not take any kind of retaliation against India, because we are too small country to retaliate against India. We have to use other means to solve this problem.”
However, due to the Modi government's decision on palm oil, Malaysia has suffered a lot. But still, 94-year-old Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammad is trying to become a leader among Muslim countries. Mahathir says, “I am worried about the Indian government's decision to ban imports, but I will continue to raise my voice against the wrong decisions and I have to pay any price for it.”

After the tough decision of the Modi government, Malaysia should be prepared to suffer a lot of financial loss. In fact, Malaysia is the largest importer of palm oil from India. In the year 2019, India was the biggest buyer of Malaysia's palm oil. In the year 2019, India imported 4 million tonnes of oil from Malaysia. It is being said that if the relations between India and Malaysia do not improve, then palm oil imports with Malaysia may go down to less than 1 million tonnes in the coming time.