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Rose water: Your skin doctor at home

Thursday - May 11, 2017 11:31 am , Category : WTN SPECIAL

When it comes about beauty, the rose is the best as well as mostly compared and exampled entity in the world. Giving right choice of words in any language, beauty is well defined with rose as the ages long set parameter. Whether it is matter of fragrance, delicacy, elegance, color or structure, rose fits as the best option to prove anything is attractive. 

Traces of rose water use 
Rose has been valued highly in numerous cultures for its beauty and fragrance as well as excellent healing properties covering physical and psychological aspects. Non-chemical ancient beauty regimes of China, India, Assyria, Egypt, Greece and Rome include rose as one of the most prominent and extremely used elements. Rosewater as a by-product of the flower has been used excessively all across the world.  Though not exact, yet the history of rose water use is considered to be kicked off from 1200BC in the Mycenaean city of Pilos where it was commercially used.

How to obtained rose water 
Rose water is rose flavored water prepared through steeping rose petals in water. The hydrosol portion of the distillate of rose petals, rose water is a by-product in process of preparing rose oil for use as perfume.
Uses of rose water

Drinking rose water : Rose water is edible and can be consumed to get benefitted from its wide variety of prosperities. It is one of the most nutritious natural drinks leaving cool effect. Rose water is full of flavonoids, anti-oxidants, tannins and essential vitamins like A, C, D, E and B3. All these qualities make it extremely good for consumption. To prepare the drink, rose water syrup can be added to a cup of cold milk.  Rose water is known to leave mild sedative and anti-depressant after effects. 

Prepare rose bath : A significant amount of rose water can be mixed
in the bath water. Apart from cooling effect, rose water can work well against a number of skin diseases while releasing pleasing fragrance.

Topical use : Rose water is part of numerous items for treating and maintaining healthy as well as beautiful skin and hair. Becoming part of face packs, directly applied and in rinsing hair, rose water has a long list of outer application on various body parts. 
Spray for fragrance and clear the air : On number of occasions, rose water is sprinkled in Indian and many other cultures. Apart from consumption and topical application, rose water works extremely well to make the air pleasant and germfree.

As eye drops : Human eye is extremely delicate thus anything goes in must be watched carefully. In present conditions, eyes are hurt from pollution and other similar attacks. To clean the eye, rose water is advocated as the drops in various treatment systems including ayurveda most of all.

Health benefits of rose water 
A long list of health issues are addressed with use of rose water in many culture most prominently Iranian. Skin, liver, heart, digestion, gynecological issues, breathing, appetite, eyes, mouth, face, hair, scars, wounds, veins, joints, headache, infections, sexuality and brain are the areas, rose water is known to work effectively.

Rose water for skin infections 
Topical use of rose water is well known to get rid of various types of skin infections causing some unpleasant symptoms including dry scaly skin, oily skin, swelling, dermatitis and eczema. Rose water works as a healing and cooling substance thus can be applied for relief of burning sensation of wounds. 

A wide range of application of rose water is done using it with various face packs for supple, vibrant, healthy, clear, fair, moisturized, pinkish and glowing skin. This is the most admired and highly effective use of rose water in almost all ancient cultures across the world. A number of stories make rounds regarding very famous beauties of past using rose water to enhance their beauty and sustaining youth for much longer time than natural. 

Rose water against heat or sunburn 
Rose water is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial element. It is applied directly on the sun-affected area or mixed with bath water for the magical feeling and cool effect on the skin. Adding rose water to the bath water brings refreshing feeling. 

Relief against insect bites: A number of regular insects bites including mosquitoes are sought relief with use of rose water. Application of rose water on the affected area reduces itchy feeling and reduces the inflammation caused due to the bite. 

Eye cleaning: Everyone has to be extremely careful about the stuff that goes into the eyes. Rose water is one such substance which works extraordinarily when dropped in or applied over. If anyone suffers yellow, dirty, dry and burning eyes kind of mild issues, rose water can provide relief. Drop a few drops into the eyes and see the different. Another use of rose water is to apply it over the eyelids using cotton or rose water ice cubes for cooling effect and prevention of dark circles under eyes.  

Hair care regime with rose water 
Hair is another delicate area to be well taken care of. Rose water with divine fragrance and cooling effect becomes part of a wide range of products which prove excellent for hair care. 

Rose water being part of shampoos, hair packs, oil mixture, directly applied not only kills germs but nourishes the scalp. It strengthens the roots and keeps hair healthy naturally. It revitalizes the scalp with promoting better blood circulation. It works as hair conditioner while preventing hair split ends, dryness and frizzy hair.- Window To News

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