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Rs. 2195 Crore Approved for Schemes of Directorate of Industry and Employment

Wednesday - October 4, 2017 1:20 am , Category : MADHYA PRADESH

Cabinet Decision  

Bhopal: The cabinet meeting held under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan gave its approval for continuation of infrastructure related schemes being implemented by the Directorate of Industry and Employment from 2017-18. Under this several approval were given for development of infrastructure facilities related to concerning industrial areas.

In order to undertake works for 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20, integrating all the schemes, the state government has given its approval in the form of grant for Rs. 699 crore 20 lakh, Rs. 895 crore 70 lakh and Rs. 600 crore 50 lakh respectively , total Rs. 2195 crore towards infrastructure works.

The cabinet while integrating schemes related to infrastructure development has given its approval for continuation of infrastructure development fund establishment. Beside this approval has been given by the cabinet for establishment of 20 new industrial areas in 2000 hectare land during the next 3 years, infrastructure upgradation works in 12 existing industrial areas, for development of new industrial areas under 4 state level investment corridor and for infrastructure works in 6 industrial areas under the infrastructure gap. Moreover the cabinet has given approval 40 percent grant of project cost from the government, loan from the financial institutions under the 50 percent government guarantee and to ensure 10 percent share of implementation agency for establishment of new industrial areas and development of industrial areas under state level corridor.

Permission has been given by the cabinet for upgradation of existing industrial areas and investment of 75 percent state government grant and 25 percent share of implementation agency to complete the infrastructure works related to basic facilities as per the requirement in industrial areas.

Land Allotment

The cabinet has taken a decision to give exemption for transfer of 28.484 hectare forest land to M/s Chhindwara Plus Developers Ltd. Moreover decision has been taken to allot 54.354 hectare land to M/s Chhindwara Plus Developers Ltd. for establishment of SEZ (Special Economic Zone) in tahsil Sonsar of district Chhindwara on the basis of collector guideline for the year 2010-11 by taking the calculated premium amount of Rs. One crore 94 lakh 54 thousand 830 and annual lease rent at the rate of 7.5 percent over it i.e. 14 lakh 59 thousand 112 per annum.

Amendment in Organisational Structure

The cabinet has approved the proposal for amendment in organizational structure of M.P. Power Management Company Ltd. According to the amendment 558 posts wil exists in the company now. This includes 362 regular, 24 contractual and 172 posts from out sourcing. The energy department has been authorized to recruit workers from time to time as per the requirement.

Various Programmes of Tourism included in Umbrella Scheme

Moreover, the cabinet while including the various programmes of Tourism in the umbrella scheme has taken a decision to conduct a new programme under the Dhanvesthan programme in share capital of tourism department’s agencies. The cabinet has given an approval for dhanveshthan scheme/head in share capital of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation for next 3 years and an approval of Rs. 310 crore for dhanveshthan scheme/head in share capital of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board for the fiscal year 2017-18.

Similarly, cabinet has taken a decision to bring 11 schemes in single umbrella for development of tourism activities at various tourist places and to implement the same through Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board. These 11 schemes include assistance for tourism development in rural areas, assistance for tourism development in urban areas, enterprises resource planning/assistance for information and technology, share capital of state government in central promoted scheme, grant for development of water tourism, assistance for operating tourist public utility centers and maintenance, compensation towards private land acquisition for tourism development, construction of international convention center Bhopal, hotel management institute (Building construction), assistance for master plan of Madhya Tourism and light and sound show. There is provision of total Rs. 54 crore in these 11 schemes for the year 2017-18. In context to availability of financial resources, an amount of Rs. 200 crore has been approved for next 3 years from 2017-18 to 2019-20.

Approval to Policy Related to Shift Dairies from Urban Areas

Moreover, the cabinet has given its approval for the policy to shift dairies located in Bhopal Municipal Corporation area form the urban area. According to this policy work will be undertaken in all the urban bodies of the state now. According to the decision taken by the cabinet, the required land will be allotted free by the revenue department to urban development and housing department in various villages through collector. The urban development and housing department will hand over the proposed land to the Bhopal Municipal Corporation for development and allotment. Similarly, action could be taken for shifting dairies located in other urban bodies of the state.

Bhopal Municipal Corporation and other urban bodies included under the scheme can receive in return the expenses incurred in development works and its maintenance from the allottees. On the basis of the amount fixed by the Bhopal Municipal Corporation and other urban bodies, pattas for a period of 30 years will be executed through the officer authorized by the urban development and housing department.

Approval to pension for University’s Pensioners under 6th Pay Scale

The cabinet has given approval for pension for a period from January 01, 2006 to March 31, 2014 for pensioners of universities under the 6th pay scale.

Rebate in Power Rates upto 150 horse power for Power loom Consumers

Furthermore, the cabinet has sanctioned an amount of Rs. 90 crore for continuation of electricity supply scheme on concessional rates between the year 2017-18 and 2019-20 to the power loom weavers. Under the scheme, the power loom consumers upto 150 horse power will get rebate in electricity rates.-Windowtonews
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