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The big question for Rahul Gandhi whether what to do and not to do?

Saturday - June 29, 2019 2:51 pm , Category : WTN SPECIAL
Rahul Gandhi in ' dilemma ' after losing in the Lok Sabha Elections
Rahul Gandhi in ' dilemma ' after losing in the Lok Sabha Elections

Preparing a strong team for 2024 remains better than Padyatra for Rahul Gandhi

JUNE 29 (WTN) - After the historic defeat in the Lok Sabha Elections, there is uncertainty in the Congress party. The sad and angry Rahul Gandhi has offered to resign as the Congress President after the defeat in the Lok Sabha Elections. Rahul Gandhi has made it clear that he no longer wants to remain the President of Congress party, so the senior Congress leader should soon appoint another leader the Congress President. As you know, Gandhi family is the key to unity the Congress Party, so all Congressmen are engaged in persuading Rahul Gandhi to remain Congress President. But the body language of Rahul Gandhi's indicates that he will not change his decision.

Having a dream of becoming the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi would not have thought that his party could win only 52 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections. Unhappy with the defeat, Rahul Gandhi has clarified that he is now leaving the post of Congress President, and will work at the grassroots level. Rahul Gandhi has also cleared that he will work with party workers to strengthen the organization.

It is certain that whether Rahul Gandhi remains the President or not, no decision will be taken without his wish in the party. It is also decided that whosoever will become the Congress President, he will have a close affair with the Gandhi family, and it is natural to happen that the new Congress President will do whatever directly or indirectly will be said to him to do by the Gandhi family.

By the way, it is certain that Rahul Gandhi will no longer take the responsibility of the Congress President, but it is also certain that Rahul Gandhi will have complete control over whoever becomes the Congress president. It is being said that Rahul Gandhi may be away from the Congress President's post for a short time now, and in the meantime, one of his close can be given the responsibility of the post of Congress President.

But the question arises, who is going to be appointed as Congress President instead of Rahul Gandhi, because there are many leaders in the party who are said to close to the Gandhi family. It is being said that the name of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, expert in holding the organization responsibilities, can be agreed for the Congress President, because Gehlot has been very close to Indira Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

All the Congress leaders will work indirectly in the direction of Rahul Gandhi after even his not being the President. It is being estimated that by resigning from the Congress Presidency, Rahul Gandhi may go for ‘Padyatra’ to strengthen the party and communicate with the public.

As you know, ‘Yatra’ in Indian politics has a great importance. The public has been witness of the Yatras like Rath Yatra of LK Advani and the Padyatra of Jagann Mohan Reddy. In this context, if Rahul Gandhi goes for Padyatra, this will not be a new step in the Indian politics.

But if Rahul Gandhi goes on the Padyatra at this time, then this time can’t be said right from any point of view for his Padyatra. That is why, because the Lok Sabha Elections have just been held, and there is four and a half year time for the next Lok Sabha Elections. If Rahul Gandhi starts his Padyatra at this time, then the impact of his Padyatra will have been passed out through the minds of the people till the next Lok Sabha Elections.

It is better that Rahul Gandhi should now focus on the party organization at this time, and surround the Modi Government in the Parliament time to time. If Rahul Gandhi initiates for the Padyatra from 2022, it can have a big impact on the people of the country, because by then the Modi Government will have complete three years, and during this period the Government's policy would have been before the public, and the public will have been acquainted to the Modi Government. In such a situation, if Rahul Gandhi starts his Padyatra with the issues related to the people, it will have a big impact.

The manner in which Rahul Gandhi has given statements in the past, it is clear that he is angry with party leaders. Rahul Gandhi has clearly stated that even after the defeat in the Lok Sabha Elections, senior leaders of the Congress have done irresponsible work for not taking accountability of defeat. However, after Rahul Gandhi’s doing taunt, the resignation period is continuing in the Congress party. But it is clear that after losing in the Lok Sabha Elections, Rahul Gandhi is angry with his party leaders.

Well, now that the Congress has been lost badly in the Lok Sabha Elections, then the Congress has to wait for power till 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi will have to make a lot of revolutionary changes in the party to strengthen the Congress party. Like the BJP, the Congress should also advise for the leaders of more than 75 years of age to take rest. At the same time, less active senior leaders in politics should also be asked to give opportunities for the youth, and senior leaders should be set in the consultation body. Along with this, Rahul Gandhi should give a chance to energetic, young and mass leader in the Congress party body from the district level to the Congress Working Committee, whereby till the Lok Sabha Election of 2024, Rahul Gandhi will have a strong team to give a fight against Narendra Modi's team.