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Unity in the Congress party to be the biggest exam for the new President

Wednesday - July 3, 2019 4:37 pm , Category : OPINION & INTERVIEW
Uncertainty in the Congress!
Uncertainty in the Congress!

Many challenges before the new Congress President!

JULY 04 (WTN) - On the one side Rahul Gandhi is stubbornly stubborn that he will no longer be the Congress President, while on the other side there are Congressmen who are convincing him to remain in the Congress presidential position. After the defeat of Congress in the Lok Sabha Elections, nothing is going right in the Congress party. After the defeat, angry and frustrated Rahul Gandhi has offered to resign from the Congress President post. Rahul Gandhi has been directly and indirectly blamed for the defeat of the party to the Congress leaders, after which no leader in the Congress is in a position to say anything.

Among all this Rahul Gandhi has once again cleared that he is no longer a Congress President, and the party should elect the new president as soon as possible. Rahul Gandhi has also cleared that he will have no role in the party's new president election. Rahul Gandhi reminded the Congress Working Committee to its responsibility, and said that who will become the new president of the party, the decision should be taken by the Congress Working Committee as soon as possible.

Rahul Gandhi has already cleared that he is no longer a Congress President, and whosoever will become the new Congress President will be out of the Gandhi family. Now it seems that Rahul Gandhi is not supposed to accept the party president post, so it is being speculated that a meeting of the Congress Working Committee can be convened soon after which the decision of the party's new president can be taken.

But the big question is that when Rahul Gandhi is not the Congress President then who can be the president of the Congress party? It is not that there is a lack of qualified leaders in the Congress party. An experienced and capable leader is more than one in the Congress, but it is known that the Congress is the paramount to the Gandhi family. In such a way, becoming a president of the Congress party expect a member of the Gandhi family will strengthen the party?  This is a big question!

It is being said that a Dalit or tribal leader can be the new Congress President in place of Rahul Gandhi. It is good to say that the party's bet would be good, but by doing so, would a Dalit or tribal leader keep unity in the Congress party? It would be a matter of observing. It is certain that whosoever will become the Congress President will be close to the Gandhi family.

As Rahul Gandhi will not be the party president, but whosoever will become the new party president, he will take all the decisions in the party on the guidance of Rahul Gandhi. But the problem is not that who will become the new president of the Congress, the problem is that whosoever will become the new president will he be able to survive himself in the Congress, and if he tries to survive himself, so the Congress Party will have to face situation like the timeline between 1991 to 1998.

For your information, let you know that Sonia Gandhi was the Congress President for 19 years before Rahul Gandhi, during which the party was also in power for 10 years. But before Sonia Gandhi, there was so much split in the Congress during Sitaram Kesari and PV Narasimha Rao, and that is not hidden from anyone. Between 1991 and 1998, no member of the Gandhi family was a Congress President, and during this time many leaders of the Congress Party had formed their own separate party. But later Sonia Gandhi's interference, most of the leaders had merged their party in the Congress. That is, it is certain that if a member of the Gandhi family does not become president in the Congress then it is difficult to establish unity in the party.

It is known to all that the unity among Congress leaders is only due to the Gandhi family. It is truth that the Gandhi family is keeping the Congress one. There is a battle of domination among the Congress leaders from the states to the central level, which has led Congress to face defeat in assembly elections in many states. Whether another will become the Congress President instead of Rahul Gandhi, it is certain, but would the new Congress President be respected and obeyed same as Rahul Gandhi is respected and obeyed at present.

Whosoever will be the new president of the Congress, the challenge will be for him to keep the party united and after the defeat of the Lok Sabha Elections; he will have to encourage the frustrated workers to gain the confidence of the workers. But, it may not be that the new president of the Congress will be able to win the confidence of the Gandhi family, and not be able to pay attention to other party leaders and workers. However, it will only tell the time that the new President of the Congress will be able to bring the party back on the path of victory, and whether he gets succeeds in maintaining unity in the party.