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The Congress in the state of 'dilemma'!

Friday - July 12, 2019 3:31 pm , Category : WTN SPECIAL
The Congress Party looking for a new president
The Congress Party looking for a new president

Congress needs a president in the period of political crisis

JULY 12 (WTN) – In which period the Congress Party is passing through, the party had not even passed through in the same period after the emergency in India. After the historical defeat in two consecutive Lok Sabha Elections, it can be said the Congress party is going through in its worst phase these days. In the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, the Congress was reduced to 44 seats, and only 52 candidates of the Congress could win the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. The Congress party, which has not won the required seats for becoming the leader of the opposition in the two consecutive Lok Sabha Elections, is facing the biggest crisis at the moment, and the biggest question is ahead to the Congress party is the election of the new president soon to keep the party united.

After the defeat in the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019, the Congress President Rahul Gandhi has resigned from his post after being angry and frustrated and has clearly said that he is not interested in becoming the Congress President at all. Not only this, Rahul Gandhi has also said. “Neither I nor any other persons of the Gandhi family will become the Congress President.” At the same time, Rahul Gandhi has also told that he himself, and all the Gandhi family to stay away from the process of electing the new Congress president.

There is no president in the Congress party at present. The Congress party has to suffer its losses in such a situation. The manner in which the Congress party's legislators have revolted in Karnataka and Goa, it is clear that it is the result of not being an active president in the Congress.

For saying Motilal Vohra is the interim president of the Congress party. But considering his age and his activism, he is not able to unite the Congress legislators. Now there is dissatisfaction in the Congress party everywhere. The workers of Congress party are disappointed, and the party is becoming directionless. Should Rahul Gandhi himself not come forward to take over the command of the party in such a situation?

We are saying this because it is certain that whosoever will become the president in the Congress, he will have a close affair with the Gandhi family. Whatever decisions will be taken by the new Congress President, those will not be possible without the consent of the Gandhi family. When all decisions are to be taken by the Gandhi family, then why does not Rahul Gandhi take the responsibility of the Congress president directly in this situation?

There has been confusion in the Congress party since the defeat in the Lok Sabha Elections. The Congress legislators are not seen commended by the party high command in Karnataka and Goa. At the same time, MLAs can revolt to make their leader a chief minister in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Given the present and potential problems of the Congress, it is necessary that soon there will be a president in the Congress. If it does not happen, then the internal situation in the Congress party will get worse.

Assembly elections are going to be held in Maharashtra and some other states this year. The Congress party has the need for an elected president to formulate and implement the strategy for the election in such a situation. Even if weaken Congress party does not get any mass leader as a president during the mean time, then the Congress party may have to face crisis in many other states too.

The Congress Party, which is going through a period of despair, can only be taken out from this stage only by the Gandhi family. Defeats and victories are the two parts of the politics. If the responsibilities come after the victory, there is a review after the defeat. The BJP was also in opposition from 2004 to 2014, but after the defeat in two Lok Sabha elections the BJP changed its strategy, and the result is that the BJP has got a full majority in the consecutive two Lok Sabha Elections.

The manner, in which Rahul Gandhi is going away from his responsibilities after the defeat in the two Lok Sabha Elections, is not a good sign for the Congress party. Let Rahul be unwilled to become the president of Congress, but he should be a partner in the decision making that who should be the new president of the party because the Congress needs a president soon to bring enthusiasm among the workers.

It is necessary to see how long the Congress Working Committee takes time to choose a new president. The Congress has made a lot of delay in choosing the president anyway, and further delay in this process will prove to be suicidal for the Congress party. But let's believe that if the new president was elected in Congress, then the new president would be accepted by all. We are saying that, because the Gandhi family is far away from the process of choosing the Congress president, whosoever will be the new president he will be closed to the Gandhi family, but since the new president will not be nominated by the Gandhi family. It is necessary to see whether the new Congress President is acceptable to all in such a situation.