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China may be 'lonely' in the whole world amid apprehension of military action in Hong Kong!

Monday - August 19, 2019 2:56 pm , Category : WTN SPECIAL
Continuing anti-China protests in Hong Kong
Continuing anti-China protests in Hong Kong

'Apprehension' of military action against protesters in Hong Kong; US President Donald Trump warns China

AUG 19 (WTN) - The kind of 'dictatorial' attitude that China, a country with an 'expansionist mindset', is taking in its autonomous region of Hong Kong, is being criticized all over the world. With the attitude of the Chinese Government against the protesters protesting the extradition bill in Hong Kong, it seems that the countries of the whole world should not stand against this attitude against China. What is the whole matter? Let us tell you about it in detail.

Indeed, a series of protests continue these days in Hong Kong to protest against a Chinese Government’s extradition bill. According to this bill of the Chinese Government, if a person comes to Hong Kong after committing a crime in China, he can be taken back to China for trial and punishment. Protests have been going on in Hong Kong for the last few days to protest against this bill of the Communist Government of China, in which people of every class are actively participating.

The Chinese government has taken a 'stand' on the ongoing peaceful demonstrations in Hong Kong, causing the world to fear that China's communist government should not suppress the movement in the same way as it did in 1989 in the pro-democracy movement. For your information, let you know that in the year 1989, in order to establish democracy in place of communist government in China, the students had organized a movement on a large scale in a 'peaceful' manner. The Tiananmen Square of Beijing, the capital of China, was witness to this historic demonstration. But China's communist government had crushed the students' peaceful demonstrations with considerable 'ruthlessness'.

In 1989, in order to suppress the students' democracy support movement, the Chinese Government took down the Army tanks on the streets of Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Nearly 10,000 Chinese citizens lost their lives in this 'barbaric' action of the Chinese Government. The brutality by which China's communist government suppressed the students' movement is condemned everywhere till date.

Here, now that thousands of anti-extradition bills protesters are protesting against the Chinese Government in Hong Kong, China has stepped up 'military activities' along the Hong Kong border. According to information from international media, China's communist government has 'deployed' military tanks near the Hong Kong border. Here, the Chinese Government’s these activities are being condemned all over the world.

Fearing military action against protesters in Hong Kong, the US President Donald Trump has lodged strong objections. Keeping an eye on China's activities in Hong Kong, Donald Trump has 'threatened' China that if action was taken against the protesters like Tiananmen Square, the ongoing trade talks between the two countries would be terminated.

Here, the anti-Chinese protest in Hong Kong is not stopping. Every day thousands of people are protesting, ignoring the 'severe warnings' of the Chinese Government. The extradition bill of the Chinese Government is being fiercely opposed in Hong Kong on such a large scale that the whole people of Hong Kong have joined this protest. The extradition bill of the Chinese Government is currently suspended by the Hong Kong Government in view of opposition from Hong Kong residents.

However, the protest here was a little quiet on Sunday after the Hong Kong Government promised to withdraw the disputed extradition bill and investigate the violent action by police on the protesters. However, there are no signs of the ending of the movement. Here, according to a Hong Kong leader, Carrie Lam Cheng, the major demands of the protesters have been accepted. In this regard, a government spokesperson says that soon the government will interact honestly with the protesters for peace and social harmony.

But for your information let you know that amidst the ongoing protests against the Chinese Government in Hong Kong, thousands of Chinese soldiers paraded in a big sports stadium in Shenzhen city of China, just seven kilometers from the Hong Kong border. According to the media information, several armored vehicles were also seen in this parade along with Chinese Special Protection Force People's Armed Police (PAP) personnel. This parade is seen as Chinese Government preparation against the protesters in Hong Kong.

The presence of the Chinese military in Shenzhen city is a clear indication that the Chinese Government is in the 'mood' of some major action to stop the protests in Hong Kong. It is being said that if the ongoing protests against the administration in Hong Kong do not stop, China's communist government can take military action against the protesters at any time, as it did in 1989 at Tiananmen Square.

If the Chinese Government suppressed the movement of protesters in Hong Kong by taking military action, then countries of all over the world would stand up against the Chinese Government. While on the one hand the US President Donald Trump has given a 'warning' to end trade talks with China if there is a military operation in Hong Kong, on other hand other countries of the world can protest at its level against military action in Hong Kong. That is to say, the military action of the Chinese Government in Hong Kong, an autonomous region of China, can isolate it in all over the world.