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An apprehension of the US-Iran war after attacks on the oil plants of Saudi Arabia

Wednesday - September 18, 2019 10:15 am , Category : WORLD
America and Iran look face to face once again
America and Iran look face to face once again

Does the US-Iran war countdown start?

SEP 18 (WTN) - Due to the ongoing conflict between the US and Iran, there is a risk of war between these two countries all over the world. At present, there have been many occasions when there was a war like situation between the US and Iran, but neither of the two countries took the initiative of war. But the US-Iran conflict has escalated once again after the attack on the oil plants of the world's largest oil company Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

After the attacks from around 10 drones in two plants of the world's largest oil company Aramco in Saudi Arabia, the US is expecting Iran to be involved in this attack. The US President Donald Trump has warned of military action against Iran, citing information from the US Intelligence Department. So after assuming this warning, is there going to be a war between the US and Iran?

Following the attack on two oil plants in Saudi Arabia, the US President Trump wrote in a tweet, "Saudi Arabia's oil supply has been attacked. We are aware of the culprit of the attack, but we are waiting for the confirmation from Saudi. Our military is fully prepared. ” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has held Iran indirectly responsible for the attack on the world's largest oil supply company.

For your information, let us know that we have said that there is already a lot of tension between the US and Iran. There is already an apprehension of war between the two countries by the US separating itself from the nuclear deal and economic sanctions on Iran. Although, the Houthi rebels of Yemen are being held responsible for this attack, but the US suspects that Iran's cooperation must have been behind it.

Experts of international politics believe that if Iran has carried out this attack, or has cooperated in this attack, then it is clear that Iran has acquired a lot of enmity with America. This is why, because Saudi Arabia is America's closest ally in the Gulf. If Iran's entanglement found in attacks in oil plants, then the US will surely answer it, which Iran may have to face as a heavy result.

For your information, let us know that even in the month of June this year when Iran shot down the American surveillance drone, Donald Trump also warned of military action against Iran. However, Trump later changed his decision to attack Iran after being fully prepared to attack Iran, saying that about 150 people would have been killed in this US attack.

As we told you earlier that the US administration is currently gathering evidence against Iran whether it has any entanglement in this attack or not? However, it was not clear from the images from the satellite that the attack on the plants was hale from the direction of Iran or Iraq. According to the information, around 17 weapons were deployed towards the Saudi oil plant, out of which only 10 could hit their target. Now the forensic report of the weapons recovered after the attack will reveal who made the weapons used in the attack and who launched them?

However, the US is accusing Iran of attacking Saudi Arabia's two oil plants. But Iran, as always, has denied its involvement in the attack this time. Iran's foreign minister says that it is the biggest lie that Iran has carried out this attack. On the other hand, Iraq's Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has rejected the fact that Iraq's land has been used to attack oil plants.

Indeed, Iran's oil exports have been adversely affected since the US imposed economic sanctions on Iran. The big oil buying countries of the world are no longer buying oil from Iran, due to which, every day Iran is facing great economic loss. Since the economic sanctions, Iran is gradually becoming a threat to the US and its allies in the Gulf. As such, reconciliation efforts between the US and Iran are continuing globally. The US President Trump himself said this month that he is ready to hold talks with Iran's President Hassan Rohani.

By the way, the attack on oil plants is suspected of Houthi rebels of Yemen. Here, experts believe that the Trump administration and their allies should take this attack as a warning, because if some Houthi rebels can cause so much havoc, then in the situation of military conflict, Iran can do anything against the US and its Gulf allies.

By the way, the US feels that if the Houthi rebels had attacked oil plants, then they could not do such a big attack without the help of Iran. Let you know that Iran has been warning the US from time to time that it has both the will and power to fight the US. However, it remains to be seen whether the US attack Iran after holding Iran responsible for the attack on oil plants.

On the other hand if the US attacks Iran, then it is certain that the Gulf War will be very destructive this time. This is why because Iran, which is facing economic sanctions, has nothing to lose. In such a situation, in the event of war, Iran will attack the US and its Gulf allies fiercely and in this case the US can go to any extent in defense of itself and its allies.