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Pakistan itself 'responsible' for its pathetic economic condition

Friday - September 27, 2019 11:46 am , Category : WTN SPECIAL
Pakistan's GDP growth rate to be less than Bhutan and Nepal!
Pakistan's GDP growth rate to be less than Bhutan and Nepal!

Pakistan's leaders and its army destroyed Pakistan's economy

SEP 27 (WTN) - The reality of Pakistan, which supports harboring terror, is gradually being known to the whole world. Pakistan uses every tactic to spread terrorism in India. In a poor country like Pakistan, the governments should have given priority to remove the poverty of the citizens there, but the politicians of Pakistan continued to be more interested in spreading terrorism in India by becoming puppets of the army there rather than removing the poverty of Pakistan.

When Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan last year, everyone knew that he was just the pawn of the Pakistan Army. The election in Pakistan was only a play to show the whole world, because the Pakistan Army had completely influenced the election and made Imran Khan as Prime Minister as a puppet. But it seems that Imran Khan has not been able to handle Pakistan properly and the already deteriorating economy of Pakistan is getting worse day by day.

Already the economic condition of Pakistan, which is going through a phase of economic turbulence, is getting so bad that it will become worse in the coming year. GDP growth rate of Pakistan is so slow that this year Pakistan's growth rate of GDP will also be lagged behind two poor countries of Asia, Nepal and Maldives.

For your information, let us know that in a report released by ADB (Asian Development Bank), it has been said that Pakistan has the lowest GDP growth rate among South Asian countries. According to the ADB, Pakistan's GDP growth rate could be 2.8 per cent in FY 2019-20, the lowest level in the past 6 years.

It is not that Pakistan does not have the means and understanding to make economic progress. But Pakistan misuses its means and understanding to spread terror in India. From time to time, Pakistan receives millions of dollars in aid from the US, but Pakistan is not able to use this aid in the right way. For your information, let us know that on the issue of Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan continues to blackmail the US and continues to receive millions of dollars in financial aid.

While China has invested billions of dollars in ambitious projects like CPEC and Belt and Road in Pakistan, but now there is no interest in Pakistan's leaders, officials and army. It is being said that China is angry with Pakistan these days due to the plight of its very ambitious projects in Pakistan.

As we told you earlier that Pakistan is wasting its means and understanding in spreading terror in India, the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) is keeping a close watch on Pakistan. Pakistan's economy, being deteriorated day by day, got some relief from the International Monetary Fund when the IMF approved a bailout package of $ 6 billion to Pakistan. But the IMF has given bailout to Pakistan on such stringent terms, due to which the rising inflation in Pakistan has made it difficult for poor and middle class people to live.

Due to Pakistan's economic mismanagement, ADB has stated in its estimate released in the financial year that Pakistan's economic growth may be the lowest among South Asian countries. According to the ADB report, there will be more GDP of Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives and Nepal to Pakistan. At the same time, Bangladesh's GDP growth rate, which became a different country from the atrocities of Pakistan's military, is estimated to be 8 per cent higher than Pakistan.

As we told you earlier, due to the stringent conditions of the IMF, many types of taxes have been increased in Pakistan, due to which inflation in Pakistan has reached a record level. Commenting on the economic condition of Pakistan, ADB says that Pakistanis are not going to get relief from inflation this year. It is estimated that till the end of this year, the inflation rate may remain around 12 per cent; whereas at present Pakistanis have not got relief from inflation and at this time the rate of inflation remains around 11 per cent.

For your information, let us know that one of the reasons for the poor economic condition of Pakistan is the weakness of the Pakistani rupee against dollar. On the other hand, there has been a significant decrease in exports from Pakistan, due to which there is a shortage of foreign exchange reserves with Pakistan. According to the ADB report, despite the improvement in the agriculture sector, Pakistan's economic growth is falling rapidly. At the same time, due to weak policies of Pakistan, the fiscal deficit is increasing.

It is clear that the reason for the economic ruin of Pakistan is itself. If Pakistan does not control terrorism in time, Pakistan's economy may be destroyed in the coming time. Unless Pakistan reduces the economic imbalance, then Pakistan's economic growth will continue to slow down and inflation will remain under pressure on the Pakistani currency.

If Pakistan needs to bring its economic situation back on track, it must first clean up the terrorists and meet the basic needs of the citizens of the country. But it does not seem that the leader of Pakistan and the army there will understand it, because only through the opposition of India, the politics of the leaders and the bullying of the army continue in Pakistan.