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Imran Khan seems unable to handle Pakistan!

Wednesday - October 2, 2019 12:35 pm , Category : WTN SPECIAL
Pakistan's economic condition getting worse
Pakistan's economic condition getting worse

Imran Khan hands over the debt, weak currency and inflation to Pakistani people

OCT 02 (WTN) - Pakistan has been trying for years to spread unrest in India through terror. But instead of correcting its economic condition and alleviating poverty, Pakistan continues to interfere in the internal affairs of a powerful country like India on Kashmir. Ever since the Modi Government removed Article 370 from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has been trying to raise the Kashmir issue on every platform in the world, but has suffered defeat everywhere due to the Modi Government's diplomacy.

Pakistan is a country, where the condition of ordinary citizens is getting worse day by day due to poverty and inflation. Ever since Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Pakistan's economic condition has become worse. For this reason, Imran Khan is facing criticism in his own country, Pakistan. To put it clearly, Imran Khan has been failed to take care of Pakistan.

If Imran Khan's prime ministerial tenure is seen, then it is clear that due to the mistakes and policies of Imran Khan, Pakistan's economic condition has become worse than before and for this reason the people of Pakistan are facing trouble.

Imran Khan is said to have the full support of the Pakistan Army. Pakistan politics experts believe that due to direct and indirect interference of the Pakistani Army in the general elections held in Pakistan last year, Imran Khan was able to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. So far, whatever decisions Imran Khan has taken as Prime Minister, it is clear that Imran Khan is just a puppet of the Pakistan Army.

Talk about the economic situation of Pakistan during the reign of Imran Khan, then the GDP growth rate of Pakistan has fallen from 5.5 per cent to 3.3 per cent. Not only this, based on the economic conditions of Pakistan at the moment, economists believe that Pakistan's GDP growth rate may be reduced to 2.4 per cent next year.

As you know, imports and exports mostly happen in the US dollars in all over the world. The country whose currency is stronger than the dollar, that country gets cheaper imports. But if we talk about Pakistan, then the currency of Pakistan, rupee, is steadily declining against US dollar. In August last year, the value of Pakistani currency against one US dollar was 122 rupees, but in the last one year, the Pakistani currency has weakened significantly against the US dollar and Pakistan's currency has reached a high of 156 rupees against one US dollar at present.

According to the experts, the Pakistani currency rupee may decline even more against the US dollar. If this happens, it will make expensive to get goods from abroad in Pakistan, and as result there will be increasing in the inflation. Ever since Imran Khan has become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, inflation in Pakistan has increased rapidly.

When Imran Khan had become the Prime Minister of Pakistan last year, the inflation rate was 3.9 per cent at that time. But within a year, inflation in Pakistan has more than doubled. Due to the economic mismanagement of Imran Khan Government, the rate of inflation in Pakistan at this time has been 7.3 per cent. Experts believe that if the Pakistan's economic condition remains same, then inflation could reach 13 per cent in Pakistan by next year.

As you know Pakistan is a ‘turbulent’ country, where terrorist attacks and bombings are common. In such a situation, foreign investment in Pakistan is also gradually decreasing. Except China, which calls Pakistan its good friend, other countries have opted out of investing in Pakistan. For your information, let us know that between July-April this year, there has been a decrease of 51.7 per cent in foreign investment in Pakistan, while foreign private investment has also decreased by about 64.3 per cent.

Pakistan's economy is continuously deteriorating, in such a situation; Pakistan is taking on debt to pay foreign debt and to run the country. For your information, let us know that till March 2019, Pakistan was owed 85 billion dollars. Pakistan has taken heavy loans from China apart from countries of Western Europe and Middle East.

Trade between India and Pakistan has been almost disrupted since the Pulwama attack, severely affected the economic condition of Pakistan. Let you know that Pakistan used to import a lot of goods from India, but since it has been banned, it has become quite expensive from vegetables to common necessities in Pakistan, due to which the people of Pakistan are facing problems.

As we told you earlier, China and Pakistan have a very old friendship, but now Imran Khan is not paying loyalty even with China. According to the information, many projects of China's ambitious CPEC project are still incomplete. It is said that the Pakistan Army and Pakistan authorities are no longer showing much interest in Chinese projects, as they feel that only China is going to benefit from CPEC.

Here, since the Pulwama terror attack, due to the Modi Government's diplomacy, Pakistan has been exposed to the issue of terror in all over the world, after which the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) is keeping a close watch on Pakistan, due to which Pakistan is facing trouble in getting debt .Pakistan has received a bailout package of $ 6 billion from the International Monetary Fund with great difficulty, but the International Monetary Fund has imposed such strict economic conditions for this package, due to which taxes and inflation in Pakistan, the life of poor and common men have become so difficult.

It is clear that since Imran Khan has become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, ever since his tenure, the economic condition of Pakistan is getting worse day by day. While the people of Pakistan are upset due to inflation, Pakistan's GDP growth rate has come down to 3 per cent due to increase in foreign debt and rupee depreciation against dollar. If Imran Khan did not work to set Pakistan's economy back on time, it might happen that the Pakistan's economy might be collapsed in future.