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Apprehension of military coup in Pakistan!

Friday - October 4, 2019 10:29 am , Category : WTN SPECIAL
General Bajwa looks upset with Imran Khan's policies
General Bajwa looks upset with Imran Khan's policies

Failed Imran Khan Government may be overthrown

OCT 04 (WTN) - The democratic system in Pakistan, which supports terror, is only for showing the world. In fact, since the founding of Pakistan, till now, there has been dominance of the army in Pakistan's politics. To say that there is a government elected by the people in Pakistan, but the fact is that the Prime Minister of Pakistan lives on the mercy of the army. As you know, Imran Khan had become the Prime Minister of Pakistan after the elections held in Pakistan last year, but everyone knows that Imran Khan is just a puppet of the army.

Ever since Imran Khan has become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Pakistan's economic condition has been deteriorating day by day. Pakistan's economy can be destroyed anytime due to increasing debt on Pakistan, rupee depreciating against dollar, rising inflation and lack of foreign exchange. As we told you that Pakistan's army continues to interfere in the internal politics of its country, but now Pakistan's army has started interfering in the country's economy as well.

In fact, the economy of Pakistan is gradually becoming weaker. The situation has become such that Pakistan's budget deficit has reached the highest level in three decades. Since the Pulwama terror attack, due to the Modi Government's diplomacy, Pakistan has been left alone in the whole world, due to which the economy of Pakistan is being affected even more negatively. By the way, Imran Khan is not able to take any better concrete measures to improve the economy of his country.

If it is said that the most criticized person in Pakistan at this time, so it is Imran Khan himself. It is being said that now the trust of the army in Pakistan has also started coming down from Imran Khan and that is why Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has started interfering in the country's economy now.

For your information, let us know that Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa has met businessmen of Pakistan. It is reported that this meeting was held at the Army House in Rawalpindi. After this meeting, the big business leaders of Pakistan also had dinner with Army Chief Bajwa, but since the meeting of General Bajwa, the apprehension of military coup in Pakistan has been increasing again.

But first, the question arises that in what status did the army chief of Pakistan meet with the big business leaders of the country, then it is being said that the businessmen had complained about the worsening economic condition of Pakistan to army chief of Pakistan. Big businessmen of Pakistan have alleged that the Imran Khan Government is not taking any big step to improve the country's economy. Businessmen are complaining that the Imran Khan Government is not doing what they have said verbally them to do to improve the economy.

However, business leaders of Pakistan say that earlier they had met Prime Minister Imran Khan and told him about their problems, but no concrete steps were taken by the government to overcome any of their problems. It is said that after meeting with the army chief, the business leaders’ delegation of Pakistan will once again meet Prime Minister Imran Khan.

By the way, it is also being said that in the meeting with the business leaders, General Bajwa has informed them about the internal security and environment of the country, after which General Bajwa requested the top business leaders to give a boost to the country's economy.

But General Bajwa's meeting with businessmen, which seems to be a normal meeting, may be held for any other reason. In fact, the news is also coming out that General Bajwa already has very close relations with these businessmen and after taking favor of these businessmen, General Bajwa can overthrow the Imran Khan Government in Pakistan.

At this time, Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa in Pakistan has completely taken the army under his control. Just a few days ago, a letter was issued from the Pakistan PM's office to Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, in which Bajwa was reassigned to the command of the army for the next three years. It is now believed in Pakistan that Imran Khan is the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but the country's politics and foreign policy decisions are being made by General Bajwa himself.

Here, some people in Pakistan believe on the meeting of General Bajwa with businessmen that the army chief should pay more attention to the security of the border, and army should not interfere in the government's work in this way. People believe that the responsibility of the economy rests solely with the government and the army should not interfere in this work of the government. This is why, because the apprehension of a coup of army increases due to this type of exercise of army, and the questions rise on the stability of the elected government of the people.

In fact, after the surgical strike and air strike by the Modi Government, the capability of Pakistan's Army has started to be questioned in its country. The Pakistan Army could not respond to the manner in which the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force penetrated into Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and wiped out the terrorists, after which it is being said that to prove themselves a hero in their country, Pakistan Army can once again overthrow the elected government.

At the same time, the Pakistan Army has somehow kept itself active in the politics of Pakistan in the name of Kashmir issue. And this may be the reason that after the removal of Article 370 from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan's Army can overthrow the Imran Khan Government in the name of Kashmir after being failed to internationalize the Kashmir issue.

However, if there is military coup in Pakistan once again, it will not be a new event in the history of Pakistan. Many times in the history of Pakistan so far, the army has taken over the reins of power by overthrowing elected governments. Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf had overthrown the elected governments of their time and which has led to military rule in Pakistan for 35 years. If we look at the present condition of Pakistan, then there are indications that General Bajwa can overthrow the imran Khan Government.