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The countdown of the destruction of the Pakistani economy starts!

Monday - October 7, 2019 2:20 pm , Category : WTN SPECIAL
Pakistan failed to crack down on terrorist organizations
Pakistan failed to crack down on terrorist organizations

Pakistan fails on the scale of FATF, the risk of being blacklisted increased

OCT 07 (WTN) – It looks like that Pakistan, giving shelter to terrorists, is going to prove to be a never improving country. And on this basis, if Pakistan is called a terrorist country or a failed country, then nothing will be wrong. As you know that the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) is very strict on Pakistan these days. FATF's Asia Pacific Group has already put Pakistan in the gray list. But Pakistan, which is proving to be unsuccessful in curbing the funding of terrorists, can now be included in its black list.

In this regard, the Asia Pacific Group of the FATF says that the Imran Khan Government has failed to take concrete and conclusive measures against terrorism. At the same time, the group says that the Government of Pakistan has also proved its failure to fulfill the commitments of UNSCR 1267.The group has clearly stated that Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks, is roaming freely in Pakistan and the Government of Pakistan does not take any action against him. At the same time, terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jamad ud Dawa and Falah-e-Insaniyat are operating in Pakistan without any restriction.

Targeting Pakistan, the FATF's Asia Pacific Group (APG) has said in the Mutual Evaluation Report of Pakistan, "The Imran Khan Government must identify and act on those terrorist organizations and their financial sources." In a strong rebuke, the APG has said that Pakistan must now understand that the fight against terrorism should not be talked about with just words, but the action on them must be done.

It is not that the FATF does not know about the relations between Pakistan's government, army and terrorists. The Asia Pacific Group (APG) of the FATF had warned Pakistan even before it was put on the gray list and explained that it should take concrete action against terrorist organizations. For your information, let us tell that FATF gave Pakistan 15 months time to take concrete action against terrorist organizations. At the same time; to put pressure on Pakistan, it was also put in the gray list. But Pakistan, which has been spreading terror in India, did not make any difference.

The FATF had instructed Pakistan to act on 27 points to take concrete action against the terrorist organizations, but Pakistan did not take any concrete steps against the terrorist organizations, ignoring all the guidelines of the FATF. Now that the FATF's annual meeting is going to be held in Paris from 13 to 18 October, it is being said that the Asia Pacific Group (APG) of the FATF may blacklist Pakistan.

In fact, in the report released by APG, Pakistan has failed in 8 out of 10 parameters of action against money laundering and terror funding, while in one parameter it has got 'moderate' position. For your information, let us know that FATF (Financial Action Task Force) is an international organization formed in 1989 to curb money laundering business. In 2001, its authority was extended, and now the force also tries to stop the funding for terror.

As you know Pakistan's economic condition is getting worse from bad to worse. Pakistan's economy is relying on the debt and aid from international financial institutions due to increasing foreign debt, inflation, continuous decline in Pakistani currency against dollar and decrease in foreign exchange reserves. But now Pakistan can get loan from international financial institutions under the same conditions, if they stop the funding of terrorist organizations. But the government of Pakistan has always failed to do so.

It is not that the pressure on Pakistan to act on terrorist organizations is not a recent development. Rather, for your information, let us know that in the report of the UNSCR 1267 Committee, Jamad-ud Dawa and Phalah-e-Insaniyat were put on the banned list of FATF in the year 2008, but despite this both these organizations hold public meetings and gather funds openly in Pakistan.

The APG report has clearly stated that there have been many such reports in the media, where terrorist organizations, in Pakistan, have been seen collecting money in the name of humanitarian relief and assistance. Not only this, these terrorist organizations, in Pakistan, have such a leeway that they even provide ambulance services. But despite all kinds of warnings, the Government of Pakistan is not taking any action against terrorist organizations.

For your information, let us know that the countries that FATF puts on the blacklist, those countries are considered as 'high risk'. This is why, because the international fund given for the betterment of the public in these countries is in great danger of reaching the terrorist organizations. If Pakistan is put on the black list by the FATF, the international aid it receives will be put on hold, and if it does, Pakistan's economy which is already in a bad condition could be bankrupt.

It is clear that the Governments of Pakistan have been sheltering terrorist organizations for years, so that these terrorist organizations can spread terror in India. But this policy of Pakistan is now going to be proved ‘Bhasmasur’ only. Because if the FATF puts Pakistan in the black list, then Pakistan will be banned from getting foreign funding and in this case the economy of Pakistan already dependent on foreign funding will be destroyed.