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China on 'back foot' due to American diplomatic moves

Wednesday - October 9, 2019 10:59 am , Category : WTN SPECIAL
Tension continues between the US and China
Tension continues between the US and China

America moves diplomatic bets to 'single out' China in the name of Uygar Muslims

OCT 09 (WTN) - America and China, the world's two biggest economic and strategic powers, have come face-to-face once again due to a mutual dispute. As you know, the trade war between the US and China has been going on for a long time, which is affecting the trade of the world apart from the trade between the US and China. For your information, let us know that both countries are teaching each other as well as responding to each other's challenges in world trade through trade war. But amidst all this, a new diplomatic wager of America has led to a new dispute between the two countries.

In fact, the US has banned the visas of some Chinese officials and leaders, accusing them of detaining Muslims in China's Xinjiang province. With this step of the United States, there is a possibility of conflict once again in the relationship between the two countries which are under stress due to trade war. For your information, let us know that for a long time, America has been raising voice against the atrocities and injustice happening with Uygar Muslims in China.

Showing sympathy for Uygar Muslims, the US has banned the visas of Chinese officials and leaders responsible for keeping Uygar Muslims in detention camps. Not only this, the US has also banned the visit of the family members of these officials and leaders to America. At the same time, amid the ongoing trade war between the two countries, the US Commerce Ministry had put 28 Chinese companies on the black list. After this step of America, now these companies will not be able to do business with American companies. These companies are accused of targeting and abusing other minorities of China, including Uygar Muslims.

America has been opposing the policies of the Chinese government towards Uygar Muslims for a long time. From time to time, the US government has made a statement against the tyrannical action of the Chinese Government against the Uygar Muslims. In this context, the US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo says, "The Chinese government has launched a campaign against Uygars, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and Muslim minority group members. The United States demands that the Republic of China end its atrocities against Muslims in its Xinjiang province."

For your information, let us know that people of Uygar community who believe in Islam live in abundance in China's biggest Xinjiang province. Uygar Muslims of Ottoman origin has a population of over one crore in this region. They are running the ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement’ to become independent from China. Due to this, China has kept a large number of Uygar Muslims in detention camps.

According to experts in international politics, the US has taken this step against China only because of the ongoing battle of supremacy between the US and China. Right now the relationship between the US and China is going through a very delicate phase. While the US has banned visas from some Chinese officials and leaders, a Beijing business delegation is scheduled to arrive in Washington for talks. Regarding the ban on visas, US officials say that the new restrictions and Commerce Department action have nothing to do with trade negotiations.

As you know, China does not tolerate the interference of any other country in its internal affairs. In the case of Uygar Muslims, China has been infuriated by the latest move of the US. Here, due to trade war, the mutual relationship between the two countries is not normal anyway. Although from time to time, the US President Donald Trump has been talking about discussing the issue of trade war with China, but even after this, both countries have not been able to come face to face for discussion. At the same time, this new decision taken by the Trump administration seems to tarnish the possibility of dialogue between the two countries.

As such, the Trump administration's visa diplomacy has increased pressure on China over the issue of atrocities on Muslims in Xinjiang province. Actually, visa diplomacy is a very big strategy of the Trump administration. America knows that China has become the second largest economic power in the world, and gradually China is challenging the American domination of the world economically, strategically and diplomatically. In such a situation, the US is trying to isolate China from Muslim countries all over the world by basing the atrocities on the Muslims in China to make China accused before Muslim countries in the name of persecuting the Muslims.

The US estimates that about one million Muslims have been detained in China's Xinjiang province. The United Nations General Assembly, led by the United States, was also criticized for the ill-treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang province to surround China on the issue of Muslims. Along with the issue of Uygar Muslims, the US is also constantly surrounding China on the issue of Hong Kong. Warning China on the issue of Hong Kong, the US President Donald Trump has explicitly warned China that if China does anything bad against the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong, China will have to bear the brunt of it.

Here, China has fiercely opposed the US move to ban the visa of Chinese officials and leaders. The Chinese embassy in Washington has condemned the move to ban the visas of Chinese officials and leaders in the US. Reminding the US of its limits, the Chinese embassy said that the issue of minorities in China's Xinjiang province is its internal issue and the US is trying to intervene through this step. Not only this, the Chinese embassy has said, “The US decision in the visa case seriously violates the general rules of international relations and it is about to interfere in China's internal affairs and ignore China's interests.”

On US claims of atrocities on Muslims in Xinjiang province, China says that there is no issue of alleged human rights violations in Xinjiang province, as the US is claiming. The US charges have been made only for interfering in our (China) internal matter. China has given a strong warning to the US that the US should immediately correct its mistake and withdraw its decision and stop interfering in China's internal affairs.

For your information, let us know that whenever America has a dispute with any country, America uses strategic, economic and diplomatic ‘weapons’ against that country. Due to the fierce competition between China in trade and global domination, America's diplomacy is to turn Muslim countries against China by calling China an enemy of Muslims. This is why, because at this time China's trade with Muslim countries is increasing. At the same time China is trying to infiltrate the Gulf countries through the Belt and Road project. Now it has to be seen whether America is able to succeed in its plans and whether Muslim countries stand against China on the issue of Uygar Muslims or not?