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Nepal becomes the next target of China's 'hunting policy'

Tuesday - October 22, 2019 2:52 pm , Category : WORLD
China increases friendship with Nepal to 'surround' India
China increases friendship with Nepal to 'surround' India

China trying to 'burgle' Nepal through mega projects 

OCT 22 (WTN) - The whole world has come to know that China is an ambitious country with an expansionist mindset. China is now trying to assert its dominance over economically and strategically weaker countries through its economic power. Many African countries including Pakistan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka have fallen victim to this policy of China. As you know that the attitude of China has always been anti-India. In this series, China keeps making every effort to turn India's neighbors in its favor and Nepal is becoming the next target of this hunting policy of China. 

For your information, let us know that the Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Nepal after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India. Jinping's visit to Nepal was diplomatically important for China. Let you know that China is now using its supremacy to establish its dominance in Nepal. Diplomatically, Nepal is so important to Xi Jinping that Jinping is the first Chinese President to visit Nepal after 1996. 

Although, China has invested far less in Nepal than Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, but soon China is going to make a huge investment in Nepal. Nepal's ruling party, Nepal Communist Party (NCP), in collaboration with China, released a draft of 11 infrastructure projects, with most projects involving roads and electricity.

Let you know that Nepal had officially announced to join China's ambitious project Belt and Road long ago, there were delays in starting projects due to differences between China and Nepal over funding. For your information, let us know where Nepal wants more and more grant money, whereas China wants to invest in Nepal mostly through debt.

By the way, the whole world knows about China's ambitious belt and road project that China wants to prove its own economic self-interest through this project. But, even after knowing all this, Nepal is willing to join this project. For your information, let us know that China wants to trap many countries in debt trap under its belt and road project. 

But the people of Nepal believe that China's belt and road project will expand rail, road and other projects in Nepal, which will support Nepal's economy and it will grow further. Actually, Nepal's position is like a buffer state between two big countries like India and China. By the way, Nepal has been culturally close to India but now China is beginning to intervene in Nepal. 

Markets of Nepal are now full of Chinese goods. Everything that the Nepali people need is made by China. Therefore, Nepal is now becoming closer to China. However, Nepal is still dependent on India for petrol-diesel. But now China has gradually become successful in understanding the Nepalese that China can develop Nepal well. The Government of Nepal is also engaged in increasing relations with China instead of relying on India under diplomacy.

For your information, let us know that even after having culturally ancient relations, there have been disputes between India and Nepal since the independence of India. Nepal has alleged that since 1947, India has been interfering in Nepal's domestic politics and foreign policy. Since the dispute between Nepal and India in 1962 and 1989 over the issue of blockade and the cattle issue of 2015, there has been a distance between the two countries.

Nepal is said to have started working on a policy of strengthening relations with China since the 2015 unofficial blockade by India. The Government of Nepal thinks that in the future in the event of blockade by India, train projects between Kathmandu and China will overcome Nepal from every situation of crisis. For this reason, both Chinese cooperation and investment in Nepal have increased since 2015.

Since the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, China has worked in many areas in Nepal. In fact, with Chinese diplomacy, unaware Nepalese believe that China will prove to be a better friend than India. This is why because China has been successful in convincing the people of Nepal that India interferes with Nepal's internal and foreign affairs.

Although the people of Nepal still have the illusion that China does not impose its culture on any country, the people of Nepal also have the illusion that China will not dominate Nepal in the coming time. China is slowly trying to convince the Nepali people that India helps Nepal in the desire to get something, while China is a liberal country and its intention is not like India.

Indeed, China strategically implicates any country in its debt trap. For your information, let us know that when the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, other global financial institutions, and Western countries loan to a country, it has conditions for transparency and structural reform along with lending. At the same time, while giving loans, China is more interested in increasing its own business and interfering in the foreign policy of that country rather than on similar terms. But the Communist Government of Nepal is considering China's cunning as good for China.

Tibetan refugees are also a major reason behind China's assistance to Nepal. Actually, Tibetan refugees have been opposing China, seeing the opportunity and time. Currently, there are about 15 to 20 thousand Tibetan refugees in Nepal. China, which intends to suppress every voice against itself, does not want the Tibetan refugee’s voice from Nepal's land to protest against China in any way. Therefore, by helping Nepal, China wants to suppress the voice of Tibetan refugees. 

Now it has to be seen how long Nepal is aware of the cleverness of China? China has immersed its old friend Pakistan in heavy debt under the CPEC project. But now Pakistan's military and its officials have understood China's economic ingenuity, and are showing less interest in completing China's ambitious CPEC project. In such a situation, it will have to be seen that Nepal will know about the cleverness of China after getting caught in the debt trap, or will Nepal learn some lessons from the example of other countries including Pakistan?