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Kalashantijyotish weekly horoscope 21st- 27th October 2019

Tuesday - October 22, 2019 3:00 pm , Category : Astrology

Kalashantijyotish weekly horoscope 21st- 27th October 2019

Aries sign people will face a few problems at the beginning of the week. You will remain very busy throughout the week because of too much workload. You will find the opportunities to move forward in your career. Your colleagues will be pleased with you and cooperate with you fully. This might be a slightly unfavourable period for your mother. The situations will develop for monetary gains form the middle of the week. Keep away from unnecessary debates and maintain strict control over your speech while talking to people. You may arrive at important decisions related to your love affair.  The week shall bring mixed results for students.

Taurus sign people will participate in an auspicious event. There will be favourable situations for monetary gain this week. Your financial profile will improve and the income shall rise. You shall perform well in the job or business. Your bosses will be pleased with your work in the workplace. A piece of good news related to your job will cheer you up. There will be health-related tensions during the middle of the week. Take care of yourself. Students may remain tensed. You shall receive some kind of gift this week.

Gemini sign people will get success in almost all the matters related to their job and business. If you have been planning something, you may get success this week. Your income shall rise at the beginning of the week. Keep yourself away from unnecessary conversations and discussions. Your familial life will be good but there might be squabble and love together with the life partner. The end of the week shall bring physical exhaustion and new occupational stress.

Cancer sign people will get some kind of special gain. You will get relief from your old ongoing problems. You will be in a strong position in your job or business. There will be strong chances of monetary gains throughout the week. This will prove to be a good week on the health front and an old illness may get cured during this period. Your familial life will be good. However, you need to preserve yourself from outbursts and stress during the middle of the week. The probability will arise for travel plans which may prove useful.

Leo sign people might have to travel during the beginning of the week. You will meet your old friends and acquaintances. You may be made good offers in the workplace. Your relations will remain harmonious with the seniors as well as juniors in the workplace. An amount will arrive suddenly which will strengthen your financial profile.  Be extra careful about what you eat as a stomach-related problem may bother you. Your familial and conjugal life will be good. Students may waste their precious time in absolutely useless things and tasks.

Virgo sign people will find a significant surge in their valour and self-confidence. The money God shall bestow its choicest blessings on you. This will be an average week for salaried people. Business people may clinch some significant deals. Health-wise, this will be a good week but the patients of diabetes and blood pressure need to be careful. This will be a good week for students as new doors of progress and learning might open up. You may spend time with your loved ones and also spend on them. You will feel very warm and affectionate toward your life partner.

Libra sign people will receive good news in their workplace. Your seniors will be pleased with your work. You may acquire new projects or deals related to your workplace which will prove useful in earning money. A pending amount may come through. You will manage good coordination with your life partner and those who are in love may get success in taking their relationship to the next level. This will be a favourable period for students. You may spend a good time with the family members. You will be blessed with your mother’s affection and make gains on account of her stars. The week might end with a big expenditure.

Scorpio sign people will get success in all their efforts and may make significant gains. You will be appreciated for your work and the style of work in the workplace. Students will get the help of their seniors as well as teachers. Money-wise, the entire week appears favourable. There will be stability in familial relations. You may take a major decision-related to your work which will certainly prove useful. Business people will draw benefits on account of a connection outside India. A pending amount may come through. Your health will remain good.

Sagittarius sign people will have to deal with heightened expenses and a health-problem during the beginning of the week. A stomach-related problem is likely to develop. This will be an excellent week for students. You will get success in education-related matters very smoothly. The salaried people will find the situations turning into their favour. Your colleagues and seniors shall cooperate with you. A trip may get planned suddenly. Your familial life will be good. Your participation in religious activities will enhance. There will be sulking and pacifying between you and your partner.

Capricorn sign people will benefit on account of several possibilities and fields. This will be an excellent week for salaried people. There are high chances of a promotion in a job or a new job itself. Business people shall make a good profit and your activities might pick up speed for the expansion of the trade. Your familial and marital life will be pleasant. Students’ learning-related problems will get resolved. Your health and bank balance may get messed up during the middle of the week. There are chances that you may have to set out on a trip unwillingly.

Aquarius sign people will have to face health-related problems during this week. You will have to deal with persistent expenses. You will have to do much running around in the workplace. Students may remain somewhat tensed and irritable even though luck shall favour them. You might meet new people which will prove useful in the long run. You will spend good time with your loved ones. If you have been facing a marital crisis, it will get resolved and end. A trip is indicated in the stars.

Pisces sign people will experience in their luxuries and comforts. Your seniors will cooperate with you in the workplace. Your luck will remain favourable in the job and business. There will be too much work on your shoulders and there are possibilities of unnecessary arguments with your colleagues. Try to avoid that. If you are starting a new business, you may get success this week. You will feel more attached to your partner. You must exercise restraint on your anger and stubborn attitude. It will prove good for you else you may spoil your image in the eyes of others. You will receive a payment and a piece of good news towards the end of the week.

Kalashantijyotish prays to Lord Rama to bless you with fortune.

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