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‚ÄčIndia set on target of the terrorist organization ISIS strengthening in Pakistan!

Wednesday - November 6, 2019 2:38 pm , Category : WTN SPECIAL
ISIS conspired to carry out a terrorist attack in India
ISIS conspired to carry out a terrorist attack in India

Modi Government worried over ISIS activities

NOV 06 (WTN) - India has always been a victim of terrorist attacks. There are many such terror incidents in the Akshardham temple of Ahmedabad, from the terrorist attack to the Mumbai terrorist attack, in which the innocent have lost their lives. As you know Pakistan has been clearly responsible for terrorist activities in India, because terrorists get shelter and training in Pakistan itself.

By the time Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of India, the Modi government claims that the common citizen has not lost his life in terrorist attacks in other parts of India except for Kashmir because the Modi Government has been following the policy of zero-tolerance against terror.

It is true that the Modi Government has taken strong action against terror and terrorists, but even then the risk of terrorist attacks on India always remains and that is why the risk of ISIS terrorist attack on India is also increasing. As you know, the US has killed the infamous Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but the threat of this dangerous organization has not yet been postponed.

For your information, let us know that now India is also on target of terrorist organization Islamic State. The US authorities themselves have claimed that the Khorasan Group of the Islamic State attempted a suicide attack on India last year. Actually, America is also very worried about the Khorasan Group. According to Rachel Travers, executive director of the US National Counter-Terrorism Center, ISIS-K, the Khorasan Group of ISIS, attempted suicide attacks in India last year.

According to Travers, there are 20 groups of terrorist organizations ISIS operating these days around the world and many of these groups are using modern technology. These groups can use drones and other modern resources for the terrorist attack. Two years ago ISIS's Khorasan Group planned an attack on New York, but the attack was foiled by the American Internal Intelligence Agency FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). At the same time, the same group also attacked Sweden's capital Stockholm in the year 2017, in which 5 people were killed.

For your information, let us know that the Khorasan group of ISIS is known to carry out terrorist attacks and this group incites terrorists to attack outside Afghanistan. Under this plan, the group had planned to launch a suicide attack in India last year, but the plan failed. Of all the factions of the terrorist organization ISIS, the Khorasan Group remains a challenge for America. This group consists of about 4,000 people who are always ready to carry out terrorist activities.

That is it is clear that India has now come under the target of the terrorist organization ISIS! Since the Uri attack, the Indian Army has chosen to wipe out the terrorists from Kashmir, in such a situation there is fear spreading among the terrorists operating terrorism from Pakistan. But it is feared that Pakistan may also provoke the Khorasan Group of ISIS to attack in India to carry out terrorist activities in India.

As you know, India has been a victim of Pakistan sponsored terror attacks for years. Thousands of civilians have been killed and hundreds of soldiers have been martyred in these terror attacks. There have been many terrorist attacks in India during the 10 years of the UPA government, but there has been a significant reduction in terrorist attacks in India during the Modi Government. But the way the terrorist organization ISIS wants to launch a suicide attack in India, it is clear that India is the target of ISIS. If you think that the terrorist organization ISIS will be weak after the death of Baghdadi, then your thinking is wrong.

In fact, ISIS has thousands of terrorists who do not hesitate to attack anywhere to spread terror. In such a situation, the Khorasan group of ISIS with the help of Pakistan can carry out suicide attacks in India in the coming time. For your information, let us know that ISIS has been recruited in Pakistan for the last three years, but Pakistan's Foreign and Interior Ministry has been consistently denying the presence and activities of ISIS in Pakistan.

Pakistan's law enforcement agencies arrested some people in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Sialkot some time ago, who was connected to the ISIS network. For your information, let us know that ISIS is recruiting men in Pakistan as jihadis or Mujahids while women are being recruited as jihadi wives to meet the sexual needs of the terrorists fighting in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In such a situation, it will become even easier to attack in India in the coming time than before for ISIS, which is slowly gaining its roots in Pakistan.

At the same time, as you know that ISIS flags have been waved in Kashmir many times during the stone pelting on the security forces, so there is the possibility that the Khorasan group may conduct suicide attacks in India through ISIS supporters or with their help. In such a situation, the Indian intelligence agencies and security forces have to be very vigilant and every plan of the terrorists will have to be thwarted.