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People's trust decreased on WhatsApp?

Thursday - November 7, 2019 11:22 am , Category : WTN SPECIAL
WhatsApp getting tough competition from Telegram and Signal Apps
WhatsApp getting tough competition from Telegram and Signal Apps

WhatsApp faces many challenges after the espionage case 

NOV 07 (WTN) - WhatsApp is an app that has made its mark in the world in terms of popularity. The popularity of WhatsApp as an instant messaging app is not hidden from anyone. In a country with a large population like India, WhatsApp has close to 400 million active users. WhatsApp's security features are the biggest reason for its popularity. Facebook's proprietary company WhatsApp claims that its end-to-end encryption feature keeps the conversion between the receiver and the receiver safe and secure.

Because of the many great features of WhatsApp, let you know that WhatsApp is currently the most popular app in the world in terms of instant messaging. But the claims of safe and secure conversations of WhatsApp have been questioned since around 1400 WhatsApp accounts being hacked and data breach occurred a few days ago. It has been seen that two other messaging and calling apps are getting the benefit of WhatsApp’s espionage case after it has been questioned.

For your information, let us know that WhatsApp is now facing a tough challenge from apps like Telegram and Signal. Both these apps have been downloaded by many people after the WhatsApp data breach controversy. According to the experts, in the coming time, the number of users of both these apps may increase. According to the information received from the media, after the WhatsApp data breach case, a large number of users have downloaded the Signal app.

The app named Signal has moved from the 105th position on the iOS store in India to the 39th position. On the Google Play Store, Signal App has moved from 255th to 31st position in the communication app category. The data breach controversy has had a significant impact on WhatsApp's popularity. According to the information, in the category of Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store, WhatsApp has moved from the first number to the fourth number.

As you know, WhatsApp has always claimed that its chatting security is the best. But after the WhatsApp security controversy, the trust of people on WhatsApp chatting security is getting reduced. For your information, let us know that the Telegram app is giving stiff competition to WhatsApp at this time. Experts believe that the security of chatting on Telegram is better than WhatsApp. 

According to the experts, apps like Telegram use MT Protocol, in which every type of message sent and received is checked multiple times. Apart from end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp, Telegram has a feature that checks the length of the message. That is if a user on a telegram has sent a 40-letter message to another user, the telegram ensures that the receiver also receives a 40-letter message or not.

Not only this, whenever someone sends a message on the Telegram app, Telegram places a unique sequence number on each message. When the message is received after the message is sent to the receiver, the Telegram then fully checks whether the message sent is in the sequence. Telegram claims that they adopt such security and protection levels during every message, leaving the message secret between the sender and the receiver. Not only this, but Telegram also gives its users a feature like self-destruct. In this feature, users can choose the time of 15 or 30 seconds, and after this selected time, the message is automatically deleted. 

Apart from Telegram, users are now downloading the Signal app. Experts say that the security features of the Signal app are also very good, which are attracting users. For your information, let us tell you that the special quality of the Signal app is that it provides much better security for video calling as well. 

WhatsApp has said a lot in its apologia after the allegations of the data breach on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has accused an Israeli company in the WhatsApp spying case. At the same time, amid all the allegations of security lapses, WhatsApp says that WhatsApp is the world's number one company in terms of end-to-end encryption. As usual, WhatsApp has once again reiterated that the privacy of users means the most to the company.

These days, the features of WhatsApp and Telegram are being compared with regard to security. In this regard, cybersecurity experts say that all the data of WhatsApp is saved on the user's phone. But in Telegram, messages, photos, and documents are stored on the cloud and no backup is required. At the same time, users can send files of every size on the Telegram app, but it is currently not possible to do this in WhatsApp.

As we have told you that WhatsApp has close to 400 million users in India and currently WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in India. Admittedly, apps such as Telegram and Signal are challenging WhatsApp, but both these apps are currently on the launch stage and it would be difficult for both of them to shift WhatsApp's huge user base.

In India, the number of users from the Signal app is in a few million, while Telegram also has only 30 to 40 million users. In such a situation, apps like Signal and Telegram will have to launch even more unique features to challenge the huge user base of WhatsApp and to acquire that user base. But WhatsApp will not be taking the challenges from other apps lightly, and WhatsApp will also be trying to improve its security features even further.