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Decree of the Chinese Government; Uyghur Muslim women must sleep on the same bed with other men

Monday - November 11, 2019 11:48 am , Category : WTN SPECIAL
Fulsome of Chinese government's 'atrocities' on Uyghur Muslim women increased
Fulsome of Chinese government's 'atrocities' on Uyghur Muslim women increased

The Chinese Government supports 'immoral acts' with Uyghur Muslim women 

NOV 11 (WTN) - China, with an 'expansionist' the mindset has always been infamous for human rights violations. The whole world is witness to the unilateral communist system of China that had killed the people of its own country, who were agitating for democracy in 1989, from the army tanks. Human rights abuses in China have reached a peak in the 30-year journey from 1989 to 2019. For your information, let us know that the 'harassment' of The Chinese government is continuing against the Uyghur Muslims in China. The harassment in China against Uyghur Muslims has reached such a 'lowest level' that Uyghur Muslim women are being 'forced' to sleep in a bed with an unknown Chinese man. 

The 'suppression cycle' of the Chinese government, which is thinking of becoming the 'supreme power' of the world, has reached a disgusting form against the Uyghur Muslims living in the northwest regions of their own country, which is disrespectful, immoral and objectionable. For your information, let us know that China has imprisoned about one and a half million Uyghur Muslims and are being tortured. Not only these Chinese men are being sent to live with the women of the men’s presence in the camps, and Uyghur Muslims are also in detention houses, and Uyghur women have to sleep in the same bed with the Chinese men. 

China is running a 'lewd' and 'objectionable' program for Uyghur Muslim women called "Make Pair and Be Family" and under this program, Uyghur Muslim women are 'forced' to sleep in the same bed with Chinese men. Uyghur Muslims forced the life of deportation around the world, are fiercely opposing this program in China and calling it an insult to Uyghur Muslim women, but China's Communist Government believes in 'oppressive' policies is justifying it. 

For your information, let us know that due to censorship in China, the rest of the world is not aware of the news of 'unethical' activities of the Chinese Government, so the information about this unethical program of China "Make Pair and Be family" is also known to the whole world. It has been found out after a long time; otherwise, this ugly program has been going on for almost 3 years in Uyghur Autonomous Areas of Jinjiang Province, China.

The disputed "Make Pair and Be Family" the program has been created by the ruling Communist Party of China and one lakh cadre officers have been appointed to make the event successful. In this vile program of the Chinese Government, Communist Party cadres are called 'relatives', who go to the homes of lone Uyghur Muslim women with full authority and torture them in various ways.

According to the information, a 'relative' means that a Chinese officer is given the responsibility of visiting the houses of many Uyghur Muslims. These are especially those houses whose male members have been sent to camps in China. Actually, these camps of the Chinese Government are like a prison. For the information, let us know that most of the men have been sent to these camps in most Uyghur areas. Now there are either women or children left in the houses located in these areas.

Regarding this, the Chinese Government believes that the way Uyghur Muslims are fanatical towards religion and have different political ideologies, all these activities are dangerous for China. In this context, China has been taking oppressive steps against Uyghur Muslims, including breaking mosques, prohibiting Urdu or Uyghur language, and alienating Uyghur children.

In the Chinese Government's unethical "Make Pair and Be Family" program, no one can stop Chinese male officers, i.e. relatives who go to any Uyghur Muslim woman's house. Uyghur women are obliged to keep them in their home and the woman has to sleep in her own bed with that unknown Chinese man. These men live with women for at least 6 days.

These Chinese men try to bring Uyghur women emotionally close to who is living alone and connect them to the mainstream of China. Uyghur Muslim women are forced to sleep in the same bed with Chinese men under compulsion in this ugly program of the Chinese Government. Uyghur Muslim women are strongly instructed to put Chinese men to sleep in their beds.

Chinese men who are said to be relatives during their stay with Uyghur Muslim women for six days closely monitor the Uyghur woman and her thoughts. During this time, Uyghur Muslim women are required to answer all the questions asked by Chinese men. In fact, during these 6 days, Chinese men mentally and physically harass Uyghur Muslim women and exploit them.

The Communist Government of China, which runs Army tanks on its own citizens has awe among the Uyghur Muslim women that these women cannot resist even by wanting this immoral program. Uyghur Muslim women have to obey this system and they are also persecuted and punished for opposing this system.

But the Communist Party of Insensitive China has described this system as better for the country. The Communist Party of China argues that Chinese male officers who have become relatives are mixed in every family as good and better human beings. Despite the opposition of Uyghur Muslim women, China continues to deny that there is any opposition to this program anywhere.

Since 2016, Uyghur Muslim women are being forced to sleep in the same bed with Chinese men, but the Chinese Government does not find anything wrong in this. But the big question arises that among countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Pakistan all over the world, there is a race to become the leader of Muslim leadership, but this country is sitting silently on this immoral act happening with Uyghur Muslims in China. It is clear that before a powerful country like China, these countries do not have the courage to resist the atrocities against Uyghur Muslim women. 

China, a country with an expansionist mindset, continues to accuse India of human rights violations in the Kashmir issue, but the Chinese Government itself has been doing unethical acts with Uyghur Muslim women in the country for the last three years. Actually, the Communist Government of China is living under the shadow of a fear, because it knows that there is internal dissatisfaction in China against the injustice done by it for years. That is why the Communist Government of China keeps trying to suppress every voice that makes it feel threatened and for this reason, the Communist Government of China is running inhuman programs against Uyghur Muslims.