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BJP's vote bank to be strengthened by the "One Nation, One Pay Day" policy!

Thursday - November 21, 2019 11:18 am , Category : BUSINESS
Modi Government going to introduce a new policy for the interests of employees
Modi Government going to introduce a new policy for the interests of employees

‚ÄčThe problem of not getting salary on time every month soon to be overcome 

NOV 21 (WTN) - Salary is very important for a working person. He and his family survive on the salary money. At the same time, the savings of salary money comes in handy in the future for salaried person, but there is a problem of salary discrepancy with people working in the private sector in India. According to a report, in many companies and institutes in India, employees are not given even the standard salary, and they are taken in works more than the rules. There is a discrepancy in many types of salary discrepancies is not getting the salary on time. 

It has been observed that in India, there is a big problem every month for those working in the private sector. Due to non-compliance with labor laws in India; companies and institutes do not pay salaries on a fixed time every month, and due to which the budget of the working people gets spoiled, and they have to face problems.

In view of the problem of crores of people in the country, the Modi Government is now trying to bring "good days" for the employed people. According to the information, the Modi Government is considering the "One Nation, One Pay Day" policy. Actually, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself wants a law that should be prepared for this, and it should be passed at the earliest. By reading "One Nation, One Pay Day", you must be wondering that what is the purpose of this policy of the Modi Government, so for your information, let us know that according to this policy, a uniform arrangement for salary is planned in the entire country, under which all employees and workers of all classes in every sector will get the salary on the same day of the month. 

In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself intends that all those working in the country should get a salary on a fixed date of every month in the whole country, and a law should be passed by Parliament at the earliest. If this law is passed and the "One Nation, One Pay Day" policy comes into force in the country, then all employees of the organized sector will get their salary on the same day of the month. Actually, no system of getting a salary is fixed in the country. Currently, companies and institutes pay salaries according to their convenience on any day of the month.

If the employees start getting a salary on a fixed day of the month, then it will not disturb their monthly budget and they will also be able to plan for the future according to the salary. At the same time, apart from the "One Nation, One Pay Day" policy, the Modi Government can take some big decisions to protect the interests of the employees. As such, the government is also working towards implementing the Uniform Minimum Wage Program. At the same time, preparations are also being made to implement occupational safety, health and working condition code (OSH), code on wages.
For your information, let us know that OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) was introduced in Lok Sabha on 23 July 2019. This code is being prepared by combining 13 labor laws. Apart from this, many more provisions have also been added, such as appointment letter to every employee, annual free medical checkup, and more. However, the Modi Government claims that since taking over in 2014, the Modi Government has been working on improving labor laws. The Modi Government has undertaken reforms in 44 complex labor laws and the subject is being negotiated with all stakeholders to make these laws even more effective and profitable. 

In fact, behind this ambitious policy of the Modi Government, Prime Minister Modi's political skill is also being seen. This is why, because crores of people in the country employed in the private sector jobs. If the Modi Government makes timely reforms including on-time salary every month, so it will directly benefit the crores of people working in the private sector. Now, these crores of working people come to the middle class in India and this middle class has always been considered a supporter of BJP. In such a situation, Prime Minister Modi is working on the policy of providing economic strength to his vote bank by implementing salary and labor reforms, so that BJP's vote bank can be strengthened even more.

Here, people working in the private sector have expressed happiness about the "One Nation, One Pay Day" policy of the Modi Government. According to these people, if the Modi Government makes a law to implement this policy, then it will do their budget planning in the right way, and they will be free from the worry of when they will get a salary every month. On the other hand, companies and institutions are of the opinion that once the salary is fixed for a day of a month, they will have to implement the attendance policy and account in a new way. And since the day of payment is fixed, it will increase their responsibility even more. Now it has to be seen whether the Modi Government decides in the interest of the employees and strengthen their vote bank, or under pressure from the corporate lobby, the "One Nation, One Pay Day" policy is put on hold.