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Women found 'unanimous' at the encounter of rape and murder accused

Saturday - December 7, 2019 4:36 pm , Category : OPINION & INTERVIEW
Everyone told Hyderabad Police Encounter in Eksura 'fair'
Everyone told Hyderabad Police Encounter in Eksura 'fair'

Women express 'happiness' at Hyderabad encounter say, “this will create 'fear' among criminals”

DEC 07 (WTN) - The entire nation was saddened, embarrassed and angry at the incident of Hyderabad gang rape and murder of the Veterinary Doctor. After this gruesome incident, people had demanded that the accused should be punished as soon as possible, and they should be hanged out till death. But over time, the anger of the people gradually subsides, because people know that it takes so long to get justice through the court that people forget such incidents. People forget the incidents of rape over time, but the rape victims and their families do not forget such incidents throughout their lives. But the delay in justice also slowly overwhelms them.

But on the intervening night of December 5 and 6, what the police of Hyderabad have done, are praising by everyone. As you know, the four accused of gang-rape and murder of a Veterinary Doctor have been killed by the police in an encounter. The action taken by the police is being praised all over the country. Regarding this action, people say that similar treatment should be done to the accused of rape and murder. When we discussed this encounter done by the Hyderabad Police with the women employees working at the People's University, all of them said that the police action was right.

People's University Registrar Dr. Neerja Mallick has justified the encounter, done by the Hyderabad Police, by saying it is the need of the time. About this, Dr. Mallick says, “It takes a lot of time for the rape victim or her family to get justice. Whatever the police have done to the accused of gang rape and murder of the Veterinary Doctor is a demand of the public. Due to the delay in justice in the rape case, the confidence of the people is gradually getting eroded from the judicial system. After the Hyderabad encounter, criminals will get scared. I believe that the incidents of rape in society can be curbed only when society itself will improve itself.”

On this matter, People's University COE Amita Maurya said that whatever the Hyderabad Police did was necessary. According to COE Maurya, “It takes years to get justice in a rape case. In such a situation, the rape victim and her family get frustrated many times. The judicial system of the country should be reformed at the earliest so that the culprits of rape and murder can be punished hardest. I believe that blaming women for rape incidents is an example of a poor mentality. If a woman is raped, it is the responsibility of the government, court, and society to punish the guilty in this case. Such an encounter will instill fear in criminals, and they will think many times before committing such a crime.”

Prasanna Prince, General Manager of the HR department of People's University, described the police encounter as the right decision taken at the right time. According to GM Prasanna, "What happened is right and such encounters are very important, which creates fear among people. It is true that even those accused could be punished by the court, but the judicial process would have been much delayed. For this reason, people are losing faith in the judicial process. Incidents like rape and murder are increasing in society, so such an encounter gives a strong message to the criminals.”

At the same time, Garima Acharya, Manager (HR) of People's University has also given the right to the action of Hyderabad Police. Garima Acharya says, "I am a woman myself and I have an 8-year-old girl. I fear if I and my baby are safe? After all, where is our society going, that it is not safe from girls to old age? What the Hyderabad Police has done with the accused of rape and murder that should be done so that the culprits can be punished immediately, and a strong message is sent in the society.”

According to Acharya, "It has been 7 years in Delhi's Nirbhaya case, but the accused have not yet been hanged till death. In cases like rape and murder, delay in justice is in itself an injustice to the rape victim. Sometimes lack of evidence in the case or for any other reason, the accused are released, in such a way injustice is done to the rape victim. In order to instill fear in the minds of the criminals in the society, the culprits of rape and murder are required to be hanged till death as soon as possible, and this should be ensured by the government.”

At the same time, Garima Acharya has also raised a strong objection to the statement of a director of the South, in which the director said that the victim should be surrendered at the time of rape to save her life. Regarding this, Garima says that such statements show that even today the mentality of some people in society is anti-women.

People's University NCC Officer Capt Summi Chaudhary also believes that the Hyderabad Police has done exactly what should be done with the accused of rape and murder. According to Capt. Chaudhary, “Rape has become a stigma on society today. Only rape victim and her family can only know what passes over them. But they break up after the rape victims get injustice. In such a situation, it is the right decision to encounter such an accused. When there are such encounters, the criminals will get scared and some incidents of rape and murder will be curbed.”

Talat Jahan, who works at the clerk's post in the People's Hospital, also believes that the victims of rape and murder should be encounter similarly. If the case of rape and murder of a veterinary doctor would have been done in the court, it would have taken years for the victim's family to get justice. How many such cases have been going on in the court for years? But to create fear among criminals, such an encounter is very important.