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Some services of the debit-credit card to depend on your wish, not the bank

Friday - January 17, 2020 2:29 pm , Category : BUSINESS
Rights of the bank consumers to be increased soon
Rights of the bank consumers to be increased soon

Now some banking services to be started and continued after the discretion of the bank consumers

JAN 17 (WTN) - Naturally, you must have an account with some bank. And when you have an account in the bank, you must have used different types of service as well. But in the last one year, it has been observed that there have been a lot of complaints to consumers from the service of banks, due to which the number of complaints against the service of banks has increased. Actually, the bank consumers are alleging that banks are not providing satisfactory services to the consumers. At the same time, consumers are not getting a satisfactory response to the complaint of the bad services of the bank. Let it be said that consumers are facing problems due to the service of all banks, whether it is a government bank or a private bank.
The first complaint of consumers from banks is that the amount is deducted from their account in the name of various services without their permission. Actually, bank consumers have been troubled for years by this complaint that the amount is deducted from their account without giving any information from the bank. However, in this regard, the bank administration says that whatever money is deducted from the consumer's account is valid and the money is deducted from the account only after the consumer has used any service. At the same time, there are many other complaints from consumers' to the banks.

After the ever-increasing complaints against the arbitrariness of the banks, now the RBI has issued some instructions regarding the debit and credit cards of the banks. It is being said that following these instructions of the Reserve Bank, bank consumers will now become more powerful than before in terms of taking or discontinuing debit and credit card services. In fact, the Reserve Bank has issued a directive to all public and private banks that now the services of the debit card or credit card will be decided by the consumer, not the bank.

After reading this you must have been shocked that after all what is in the instructions of the Reserve Bank, after which more power is being given to the consumers. In fact, the Reserve Bank has directed banks that the right to start or stop any service or purchase of any kind related to the bank will no longer be with the banks but for any service or purchase the consumer will be free to start or stop a related service or purchase.

For your information, let us know that the current services of the bank include internet banking, use of ATM, online shopping and the swiping card in point of sale, etc. According to the Reserve Bank, now bank consumers will be able to decide the use of their debit and credit cards to decide how to use them. For example, if consumers do not shop online for purchase, then they can stop it themselves.
On the other hand, as you know, most debit and credit cards are already allowed for international use, and for this reason, there is a greater possibility of fraudulent money from the cards. In such a situation, consumers are now being given the facility that if they wish, they can remove the facility of international use on their own debit or credit card. Not only this, in order to give more rights to bank consumers, the Reserve Bank has instructed all government and private banks to provide transaction alerts, banking related information and balance status to SMS or email to all their customers. These services are necessary, and any lack and of change in it is not acceptable.
While the Reserve Bank has given instructions to the banks to continue some services under any circumstances, the Reserve Bank has given instructions for the consumer consent for some services. As you know these days almost all banks are providing international cards to their consumers. At first, glance, if you look and use these cards, no harm can be seen and understood, but for your information, let us know that most bank frauds are done from them.

For your information, let us know that the cards issued by banks can be used anywhere in the world, that is why international hackers keep an eye on your cards. Due to consumer mistake, negligence or greed, hackers sometimes obtain the card user's banking information through a social media site or third party app, and after doing so the hackers sell this information. After getting the information on the cards, criminals easily use customers’ cards and as a result, the bank account is empty. At the same time, many banks are issuing cards with Wi-Fi equipped or contactless transactions. Explain that in such cards, the PIN is not required in transactions up to two thousand rupees.
Explain that whether the consumer wants to use international cards and cards with Wi-Fi equipped or contactless transactions, now the approval of the consumer will be necessary. If the consumer feels that these services are of no use to him and his bank account is not secure due to these services, then the consumer can discontinue these services on his own. It is clear that the bank consumers will now get more rights than before following the instructions of the Reserve Bank so that the consumers themselves will decide which services of the bank they want and which not.