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Does the Imran Khan government care about relations with China more than protecting its citizens?

Friday - February 21, 2020 11:51 am , Category : WORLD
Pakistanis protest against Imran Khan Government
Pakistanis protest against Imran Khan Government

Imran Khan Government: A failed government of a failed country 

FEB 21 (WTN) - Pakistan is recognized as a failed country all over the world due to its intention and policy. The economic condition of Pakistan, which is spreading terror in India and Afghanistan, has become such that people are unable to get rotis for two days. Almost everything from the wheat flour to the food is expensive in Pakistan. At the same time, the purchasing power of the people of Pakistan has also decreased due to inflation. For all these reasons, the people of Pakistan have been facing many problems. But despite all this, the Imran Khan government of Pakistan is wasting its resources in increasing terrorist activities in India instead of removing the poverty of its country.

As the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan's first duty is to strive for the well-being of the people of his country. But the Imran Khan government of Pakistan, which interferes with the internal affairs of India, has nothing to worry about the citizens of its country. As you know, about 2,100 people have died due to the Coronavirus spreading in China so far, and about 75,000 people are infected due to the Coronavirus. Due to the spread of this virus in China, many countries of the world have currently established trade relations with China. At the same time, many countries have also stopped flights to China. 

At the same time, you also know that to save its citizens from the dreaded Coronavirus infection spreading in China, the Modi government of India has airlifted many Indians trapped in Wuhan to safe India. In times of the trouble, the Modi government worked on a mission mode to airlift its citizens from China to India safer. Not only India, but many other countries have also achieved success to calling back their citizens safely from China. But China's sycophant country Pakistan has nothing to worry about the citizens of its country. Whereas, countries around the world are bringing back their citizens from China to their country to protect from the Coronavirus spread in China. In such a situation, the Imran Khan government of Pakistan has left its citizens alone in China.

For your information, let us know that Pakistani students, trapped in Wuhan city of China, are still not able to leave from there. In fact, almost economically bankrupt Pakistan is not calling back its students from China to show solidarity with China. But this decision of the Government of Pakistan has started to be fiercely opposed there. According to the information, citizens of Pakistan and relatives of students, trapped in China, have come out on the streets against the Imran Khan government of Pakistan. According to media reports, the family members of Pakistani students, trapped in Wuhan, and others staged a massive protest against the Imran Khan government in Islamabad, and they pleaded for the evacuation of the trapped civilians in China.

For your information, let us know that a few days ago many such videos went viral on the internet in which Pakistani students trapped in Wuhan (China) were seen appealing to the government of their country that they should be airlifted from China. Pakistani students had given the example of the Modi government of India to the Imran Khan government in the video, "Modi government has safely evacuated the citizens of its country from China, but the Imran Khan government of our country has left us unprotected in China.” Let us tell you that many students of the universities of Pakistan, who had appealed to Wuhan in the video, were confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus. 

In fact, the Imran Khan government of Pakistan has time to intervene in the case of Indian state Jammu and Kashmir and has the resources to spread terror in Jammu and Kashmir. But this Imran Khan government is making strange arguments for not evacuating its citizens trapped in China. Explain that the Government of Pakistan had announced that it would not call back its citizens from China for the time being because the Government of Pakistan stands firmly with China at the time of trouble. And to show solidarity with China, the Government of Pakistan will not call back its students from China. However, the Government of Pakistan says that it is in contact with the Chinese government and is making necessary arrangements for its citizens there.

Here, the matter of civilians trapped in China has reached the Islamabad High Court. In a petition filed in the court, it has been requested from the court that the court order the Government of Pakistan to take any step to call back its citizens trapped in China safely. The petition clearly states that when Bangladesh can expel its citizens, then why not Pakistan? 

But China's debtor Pakistan, showing its hostility towards China, argued in the court that only 23 of the 194 countries in the world have called back their citizens from China. But on this argument of the government, the court had said sternly that when 23 countries can call back their citizens safely from China, then why can't the government of Pakistan do it? 

The Imran Khan government of Pakistan has time to intervene in India's internal affairs and make rhetoric, but the Imran Khan government has no concern of its citizens trapped in trouble in China. In fact, Pakistan is trying to show friendly relations with China because the deteriorating economic condition of Pakistan is being supported by the loan from China. But the China's economy is in crisis due to the Coronavirus, so in such a situation, you can imagine how much financial assistance China will be able to provide to Pakistan in these circumstances? But the government of any country in the world does not leave citizens of its country in trouble in any other country. But the Imran Khan government of Pakistan is perhaps the first such government, which is more concerned with relations with China than citizens of its country.