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From a daughter's responsibility to a modeling career, Dr. Reenu Yadav proves herself to be a 'Perfect Woman'

Sunday - March 8, 2020 10:53 am , Category : BHOPAL
Mrs. India International Dr. Reenu Yadav sets an excellent example of women empowerment.
Mrs. India International Dr. Reenu Yadav sets an excellent example of women empowerment.

The decisions of women get respect only when they are educated and self-reliant: Dr. Reenu Yadav

MARCH 08 (WTN) - Beauty with Brain! Yes, the same can be said to Dr. Reenu Yadav. Mrs. India International Dr. Reenu Yadav can be called the definition of a complete woman in herself. Dr. Reenu Yadav is a well-known name in the fashion world today, having played all the responsibilities of the house and family after marriage. In many fashion shows, Dr. Reenu Yadav has introduced her talent by catwalk on the ramp. Dr. Reenu Yadav has won the title of Mrs. India International on the basis of her beauty, brilliant personality, and on-the-spot response. As we first told you that you could call Dr. Reenu Yadav ‘Beauty with Brain’. In fact, this is why because Reenu Yadav is a successful fashion model, as well as she is a young scientist, media panelist, and social worker and a brand ambassador of many companies and institutions.

Dr. Reenu Yadav is a solid voice of women empowerment. The position that Dr. Reenu Yadav has achieved on the basis of her talent is an example for today's girls. Dr. Reenu Yadav is a wife and a mother, as well as she is a fashion model and scientist. That is, she is a good example of how a woman can fulfill all kinds of responsibility. On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8, Window to News sought to know from Dr. Reenu Yadav that what is exactly the women empowerment in her view?

WTN - Reenu Ji, how do you see women empowerment? Does women empowerment mean equal to men, or does women empowerment mean the development of women themselves?

Dr. Reenu Yadav - I believe that women should not be compared to anyone. Women themselves are so capable that it is not right to compare them to men. If we compare today's time with the old times, the present-day era has changed. The women are now educated and self-dependent. There is no area where women do not work. But still, I believe that women are still not given the right to take an important decision in the family and society which they are entitled to. While making any decision, their opinion is heard, but their opinion is rarely accepted. The day women will get the freedom to make decisions, or their decisions will be implemented, I believe only then the dream of women empowerment will come true.

WTN - Many schemes are being run by the government for the upliftment of women, but what is the reason that even today, the thinking of the equality for women has not been made in the society?

Dr. Reenu Yadav - Be it any government; it makes plans for the upliftment of women. But, due to corruption, women do not get the benefit of these schemes. Although the efforts of the government should be praised, efforts should be made that the benefits of these schemes should be given to the women of the lowest class. It is absolutely true even today; the idea of equality for women has not been developed in society. I believe if women are more financially capable, then they will get greater respect in society and family. Actually, in today's 5G era, the thinking of the society is that women do not know how to make the right decision, but it's not like that. I believe that women are comparatively more sensitive and practical in taking decisions.

WTN - There are reports that rape cases are increasing against girls to old aged women. Since you are the mother of a baby girl, how safe do you feel when sending your girl out of the house?

Dr. Reenu Yadav - I am a woman, and I am also the mother of a baby girl, so I realize how important my baby's safety is to me. It is true that the incidents of rape of girl children continue to come to light. In such a situation, being the mother of a girl child, it is natural to instill fear in my heart. But neither I nor my daughter is weak enough to sit home in fear. Taking full responsibility of being a mother, I explained to my daughter about Good Touch and Bad Touch. From time to time, I become a friend of my daughter and know from her whether no one has done wrong behavior with her? Not only my girl child, but every girl child also needs a safe society, And for this, society will have to be changed.

WTN - Some time ago, the #MeToo campaign was in the news. But now questions are being raised on the purpose of the #MeToo campaign. Many people allege that the #MeToo campaign has become just a means of revenge. Do you also feel that the #MeToo campaign has lost its direction?

Dr. Reenu Yadav - Everything has both positive and negative aspects. As far as the MeToo campaign is concerned, I believe that if there is a relationship between a man and woman by mutual consent, and there is an estrangement for some reason, there is no question of MeToo. At the same time, I also believe that God has given a separate sixth sense to the woman. That is a woman who knows for what purpose a man is talking to her, what he looks in a woman, and what does he want?  If any man is sexually abusing any woman, then the woman should raise her voice against it immediately because the delay in such incidents makes the women's side a little weak. But due to fear and hesitation, many women are not able to retaliate immediately in such cases. But now the time is changing, and I believe that women should come immediately to say NO and protest against any kind of wrongdoing.

WTN - There have been allegations of sexual abuse of girls from time to time in the fields of movie, media, fashion, and entertainment. Many times such allegations have also been proved correct. At the same time, are girls resorting to shortcuts to achieve success?

Dr. Reenu Yadav - Yes, it is true that sexual abuse of girls in this field is not new. Now, such incidents have started to happen with boys too. Actually, before referenced fields have the name and fame, and many people have the passion to be famous as quick as possible. In such a situation, these people take shortcuts to achieve success. Those who have the talent and have faith in their talent they never take such short cuts to achieve success. I believe that girls should strengthen themselves mentally before coming to this field because there is no shortage of people who take advantage of opportunities in this field in the name of getting work.

WTN - As far as the modeling or fashion world is concerned, even today in society, the thinking is that the character of girls who go into this field is suspected. Is it correct to identify one's character with clothes?

Dr. Reenu Yadav - You asked the right question. Actually, the thinking of society is still that if a girl is wearing a mini skirt, then her character is suspicious. I believe that one's character cannot be ascertained by one's clothes. And my question is that do those who allegedly wear decent clothes have a clean character? To guess someone's character from clothes is a cheap idea from my point of view.

WTN - You chose a modeling career after marriage, which was a big decision in itself. How much did your family and husband support?

Dr. Reenu Yadav – Actually, getting into the modeling field after marriage was a big challenge for me. Since my mother was from a rural environment, I could not choose this field before marriage. But after my marriage, I explained to my husband what I was interested in the modeling. My husband is very supportive, and he agreed to my persuasion. My husband is a big contributor to whatever I am today. Apart from my husband, my whole family supports me in my career, and it was due to everyone's cooperation that I was able to win the title of Mrs. India International.

WTN - As a woman, do you face a gender problem while taking decisions about your own home? That is are your decisions implemented, or the same happens with you as happening in the male-dominated society?

Dr. Reenu Yadav - I will thank you for this question. Actually, as I told you earlier, even today in the Indian society, the opinion of women is heard only to decide on anything, but whether or not to follow that opinion depends on the men of the male-dominated society. As far as my decisions in my family are concerned, in the decisions of my family, I give my opinion, and my opinion is also implemented. Since I am educated and self-dependent, my decisions are given importance. I believe that whatever woman will be educated and self- dependent, her family members cannot ignore her opinion.