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Kalashantijyotish weekly horoscope 23rd – 29th September 2019

Monday - September 23, 2019 11:41 am , Category : Astrology

Kalashantijyotish weekly horoscope 23rd – 29th September 2019

Aries sign people will remain very upset and irritable during the beginning of the week. All kinds of thoughts will cross your mind, give rise to doubts and keep you restless. You will still perform very well in your job or business. You will establish and maintain a good working bond with your seniors. Your relations with your partners will strengthen further. Students will get the good result of their hard work. Whatever health issues were bothering you, they may get cured during this week. Your rivals will not be able to match up to calibre this week. This will prove to be a good week for monetary gains.  You might access new means to earn money. Your familial life will be good.

Taurus sign people will find their personality getting enhanced and becoming charismatic. Your valour shall rise too. Things and situations will be bright in the workplace. Try not to argue with your seniors in the workplace. Your child or a young family member may suffer or face a problem. You may earn bigger profit from your business. Your colleagues and co-workers will cooperate with you. You might face some problems during the middle of the week. If you have been facing unpleasantness in your marital life, it will get resolved during this week. The end of the week may bring sudden monetary gains.
Gemini sign people will have to deal with problems in their marital life. Your life partner’s health appears vulnerable.  Your mother’s health will give you jitters and keep you on your toes. There will be obstacles in your way if you attempt a house or land purchase deal. Do not be in any kind of hurry while making work plans. You will meet new people in relation to your business which shall fetch gains in the coming future. The salaried, as well as business people, will put in the extra effort. Students may get good opportunities for higher education. You may remain worried on account of unnecessary expenses. You must exercise strict control over your anger.
Cancer sign people will be honoured and gain amazing popularity across the wide span of their activities and network. You will get success in all the efforts made by you in your workplace. Your seniors will bless you throughout the week. This will be a week full of achievements when it comes to making money. Your health will remain good but you might get hassled because of extreme fatigue and exhaustion. You may receive auspicious news related to your child. You may have to travel this week. There will be a rise in daily comforts and luxuries.
Leo sign people will have to face health-related issues during the entire week. This will be an average week for the salaried people but business people will have to sweat it out hard. Do not try to finish your work in a hurry. Do not take any decision in a rush without considering all the options and the consequences. You might receive a piece of good news during the middle of the week. You may also receive money. Your familial and marital life will be blissful and gratifying. You might remain disturbed and worried about your kids.
Virgo sign people will get several opportunities for gaining money during this week. Things and situations will be average in the workplace. Business people shall make efforts to expand their trade and outreach. This will not be a good week for your health concerns. You may suffer from constipation and other stomach-related issues. Your anger will be uncontrollable as a result of which you may pick up conflicts with your family members and other known people. Your life partner’s support will prove useful in your agenda and work.  Students will spend a good week b being engaged in their learning. You may undertake a journey in order to expand your work specifically.
Libra sign people will spend a harmonious time in their work sphere if they are employed in a job. You will be trusted by your seniors at work and entrusted with additional responsibilities and decision-making power. You may have to travel in relation to work. You will feel absolutely incapable of saving money this week. You will get success in the efforts made by you. When we talk of health, you should be prepared for stomach and eyes related discomfort. You should try to not fall prey to lethargy and complete all your work on time. Your family life will be good and you shall feel drawn towards religious activities. You may plan an outing during the week.
Scorpio sign people will make gains in each and every sphere of life. Since the beginning of the week, a positive stroke of luck will be immensely helpful. The salaried people may expect to be promoted to a higher post. There are chances that you shall perform an auspicious ritual in your family. Your health will remain good. Your life partner will cooperate with you and benefit on account of your positive stars. Students will work extremely hard during this week and emerge successful in their endeavours. The entire week will be favourable for gaining money. You may finalize a couple of new means to earn and augment your income.
Sagittarius sign people will experience health-related problems during the beginning of the week. You will manage to complete your daily chores. The salaried people shall receive good news during the week. If any talks are on about your promotion or an increment, it may come through this week. This will be a week of achievements for students who are enrolled in higher education institutions. This is a good week to resolve your conflicts with your life partner. You will meet new people and establish a working network with them. This network will help you make gains in the future.
Capricorn sign people will enjoy domestic bliss and comforts to their fullest. Your emotional connection with your life partner may acquire a new life and strength. You will get relief in your ongoing health problems. However, there will be some unsolicited expenses that you have to cope with during the entire week. Talk mindfully especially with your brothers and relatives else your relationship might get affected. You will become happy after getting good news related to your business. Be very cautious about your enemies as somebody may implicate you with a false allegation. You may participate much more than usual in religious activities. You may have to encounter obstacles in government-related activities.

Aquarius sign people will have to take rigorous care of their health. You may face a serious attack of indigestion and other stomach-related problems. You must exercise restraint on your eating habits. If you trust a person too much in the workplace, you might have to incur a serious loss. Be careful and vigilant. This will be an average week for the salaried people but you need to be alert that your coordination with your bosses should not get disturbed at all. You may face problems on the hands of your offspring as well as the life partner. You will try to find solutions to your money-related problems.
Pisces sign people will remain occupied with several travel plans that too one after the other. You will travel for work as well as fun. Students will get excellent results if they are due this week. The salaried people will have to put in extra effort in their workplace.  You need to take care of your child’s health. There are chances of conflicts and confusion in your married life. However, a positive stroke of luck will be on your side. You may receive overdue payment or a held up amount. There will be chances of health-related problems so you need to exercise mindfulness while eating. You may participate in religious activities with your family members and relatives.  

Kalashantijyotish prays to Lord Rama to bless you with fortune.

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